Are you getting your needs met?  Is your lifestyle sustainable?  Summer has officially arrived in the northern hemisphere and the focus is now on food, feelings, finances & fuel!  The Sun’s entry into the sign CANCER on June 21 (the Solstice Point and the longest day of the year) has just launched the new season.  This is the month for collecting any scattered energies from the previous month (GEMINI), shifting gears and tacking in a different direction — just as the Sun has reached its northernmost point and now appears to be heading southward.  Since CANCER is a cardinal water sign, you may be motivated to head to the beach, river, lake, pool or hot springs, and enjoy water sports: swimming, snorkeling, sailing, canoeing or rafting.Image result for crabThe survival instinct is alive & well right now − put your personal finances in order, uplift your prosperity consciousness and strive for self-sufficiency.  Balance your checkbook, stock up the cupboards and accumulate the basic necessities of life.  Refill your cup and nurture yourself − you deserve it!  Food, nutrition & dietary matters will take on increased significance this month, as CANCER is associated with the stomach, digestive system and breasts.  Re-evaluate your dietary habits and provide your body with the nourishment it requires (and stay hydrated).  You will be in the mood to dine at your favorite restaurants or brush up on your culinary skills — picnics, barbecues and gourmet meals will be on the menu…

With Mercury also in CANCER as this solar month begins, the focus will be on personal security needs, emotional sensitivities and women’s issues.  Patriotic sentiments will be amplified ‒ it’s baseball, mother and apple pie time!  The confrontational Venus/Mars opposition (from LEO to AQUARIUS) comes on strong on June 21.  By approaching this potentially abrasive aspect with grace and a willingness to listen to another’s point of view, you can put your close relationships into a more harmonious, balanced space.  You’ll be rewarded for your efforts as the electrical Sun/Uranus sextile initiates a sizzling, sparkling weekend on June 22 – an ideal evening for solstice parties, social gatherings and family get-togethers.  Considering that the turbulent Mercury/Pluto opposition (from CANCER to CAPRICORN) peaks at the same time, look for healthy ways of letting off steam and think twice before making emotional demands, impulsive purchases or dietary transgressions.Image result for cancer zodiacThe week of the 25th starts off a bit frazzled with the excessive Venus/Jupiter square — rein in your appetites and social activities so you don’t get overwhelmed.  Energetically, things may feel a bit edgy & unsettled for a few days as Mars (in AQUARIUS) begins its retrograde on June 26.  Utilize this next 2 months to re-evaluate your personal & professional goals, review your accomplishments and reclaim your power.  Some obstacles, delays or doubts may arise as the frustrating Sun/Saturn opposition builds up and peaks on June 27; be realistic, practical and patient with yourself, as well as with others.  Some prior commitments may need to be reassessed.

The emotional tides will be running high as the Full Moon in CANCER/CAPRICORN comes to a head, also on June 27, at 9:53 pm PDT.  Especially since this Full Moon coincides with the Sun/Saturn opposition, sensitive issues involving joint finances, business partnerships, shared possessions, parenting, co-dependencies, taxes, insurance, debts or legal matters could bubble to the surface.  The challenge here is to meet your own needs, and at the same time, honor your agreements and responsibilities to others.  Watch a tendency to take things too personally!  Some adjustments in interpersonal relationships and social plans may be required with the Venus/Neptune inconjunct, which falls on the same day.  Stay adaptable, compassionate  and clear with your boundaries.

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Mercury leaves moody CANCER and joins Venus in cheerful LEO late in the evening of June 28, putting us in a more celebratory mood.  It will remain in this fiery, extroverted sign for next 2½ months(!) due to its upcoming retrograde cycle (starting on July 25).  Tidy up your appearance & self-image, express your inner light and entertain a positive outlook.  You can expect surprises, unexpected communications and changes in plans with the Mercury/Uranus square on June 30; it would be wise to play it loose and let this weekend unfold organically.  The Fourth of July holiday will be more mellow than usual since it falls in the middle of the week (and the Moon will be in PISCES); it might be a good day to just sleep in and chill out!

You may feel like you’re in the flow as the GRAND WATER TRINE emerges over this week, formed by the expansive Sun/Jupiter trine (on July 5) and the psychic Sun/Neptune trine (on July 8) – allow yourself to absorb the healing energy, uplift your spirits and experience deeper emotional intimacy.  At the same time, do your best to tamp down any irritability that could get activated by the combative Mercury/Mars opposition (July 5), and don’t bite off more than you can chew with the reckless Mercury/Jupiter square (July 9).  Stay centered and focus on joy & gratitude!

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Once Venus enters industrious VIRGO on July 9, a spirit of mutual helpfulness will permeate social relationships.  You could accomplish a lot by joining up with others who share similar objectives; be there for your friends!  Electricity will be in the air with the sparkling Venus/Uranus trine on July 11; change your routine, do something out of the ordinary and let some magic into your life.  Jupiter – the planet associated with knowledge, exploration & abundance — turns direct in SCORPIO on July 10, after being retrograde since March 8. Any travel, educational or marketing plans that have been on the back burner will finally be moving forward.  Let your adventurous spirit take wings!

Be particularly conscientious in your relationship interactions and financial dealings as the high-stress Sun/Pluto opposition races to a full boil on the morning of July 12.  This intense, volcanic aspect represents a time to hold your words, actions & emotions in check, avoid impulsive expenditures and use restraint with your credit cards.  Don’t allow others to put pressure on you, and at the same time, avoid forcing any issues.  Instead of trying to reform another, transform yourself — BE the change you want to see happen!  Considering that this opposition falls exactly on the heliocentric nodes of Pluto (20⁰ of CANCER/CAPRICORN), things could be highly turbulent & explosive around this time in the political, economic or geographic arenas.  Hold on to your hat!

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Count your blessings, strengthen your inner resources and protect your assets as the New Moon (and Solar Eclipse) in CANCER initiates the new lunar month on July 12 at 7:48 pm PDT.  Renew yourself and tend to your personal needs amidst the Plutonian storms!  The sign CANCER is ruled by the Moon—the feminine principle—and is associated with motherhood, survival, emotional & financial security, personal resources, the ocean’s tides and the rhythms of the body.  Make it a point to absorb, digest, receive, collect, remember, preserve, defend and cherish those people and values that you care about the most.  Face up to your fears and insecurities and try not to be crabby, touchy or defensive.  Pay close attention to your gut-level reactions and follow your feelings — let your instincts be your guide!

The grounding Venus/Saturn trine, on July 13, can bring much comfort from long-term friendships; don’t be surprised if people from your past touch base with you during this transit.  A significant relationship could also become more solid and committed.  The edgy Mars/South Lunar Node conjunction (in AQUARIUS) has been in effect for the past month, and will be exact again on July 20.  An unresolved relationship issue may stir up some unexpected drama, so stay detached and be willing to see both sides.  This solar month ends with the uplifting Venus/Jupiter sextile on July 22, which could stimulate some positive personal connections and professional opportunities.  May your summer get off to a warm & nurturing start!Related image

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