Take a few deep breaths, oxygenate your brain and elevate your thoughts!  The Sun is now in GEMINI—a sign that it’s time to get out of the house and back into circulation. You’ll want to get off the couch and seek out some new vistas & viewpoints.  Align with the restless, mercurial spirit of this mutable air sign — allow yourself to be gently distracted from your everyday routines, pathways & habit patterns.  Variety is the spice of life

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With “hummingbird medicine” especially potent this month, you’ll be inclined to flit around the neighborhood, gather the nectar, check out the local scene and reconnect with your personal grapevine. School is getting out, vacation plans are being made and people are beginning to scatter for the summer. You may have an urge to get out your maps, pack up the car and hit the road.  Interesting concepts, lively conversations and visits with siblings, relatives and neighbors could provide you with much mental stimulation.  Take advantage of any opportunities to network, make inquiries, attend a class, listen to podcasts or plan a trip.

Communication (along with transportation & distribution) is what this month is all about!  This is an optimal time to catch up on your email, return phone calls and deal with correspondence.   It may also be a good time to update your computer or upgrade your phone plan so you don’t miss a thing.  You’re likely to utilize the services of the post office, library, bookstore, internet, printer, newspaper or local media more than usual. Mercury (ruler of GEMINI) is in its own sign this entire month.  Named after the swift-footed messenger of the gods, Mercury is associated with the mind, logic, ideas & information.  Venus and the North Lunar Node are also accompanying the Sun and Mercury in GEMINI as this solar month begins.  This signals a major frequency shift from the previous month (TAURUS) — from earth to air, from heavy to light and from anchored to flexible.  Your thoughts will be turning from household matters to the world of ideas.  No way can you be bored this month (especially with 4 planets in air signs).  However, you may find it a challenge to juggle all your interests & activities. . .

The first weekend of this new GEMINI cycle gets off to a rousing start as the over-exuberant Sun-Jupiter square comes to a head on May 21; don’t take on more than you can handle, make mountains out of molehills or run off in too many directions at once.   Chaos and confusion could reign with the Mercury-Neptune square on the 22nd; strive for clarity in your communications and stay focused on what’s important.  A healthy skepticism is helpful: don’t believe everything you hear, read or see (and certainly don’t pass it on)!  Find some positive escape outlets, stay hydrated and catch up on your sleep!

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The first of 3 planetary retrogrades this month takes place as Saturn turns retrograde on May 23 (through October 10).  Patience is required, as some delays or obstacles may occur during this transition period, particularly in financial, contractual or tax matters.  The Saturn retrograde cycle represents a time to strengthen your foundations, cement your long-term intentions and solidify your commitments.  Utilize this next 4-1/2 months to recycle outworn possessions, clear up debts & obligations, scrutinize insurance, legal, bureaucratic or business matters, clean up your karma, re-evaluate your habits, and put your back, knees and teeth in healthy condition.

Expect the activity level to rise with the tides as the Full Moon (and Lunar Eclipse) in GEMINI-SAGITTARIUS comes to a peak on May 26 at 4:14 am PDT.  This is also a SUPERMOON—a full moon that appears larger than usual because it’s closer to earth.  Emotions & nervous tension will be running high!  You could feel stretched out, frazzled & fragmented, so allow enough time for potential traffic snarls or communication mix-ups — and stay especially alert & observant on the road.  Rein in your scattered energies — breathe!

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Social interactions could get derailed with the spacey Venus-Neptune square on May 27; keep your expectations low, as people may get caught up with work problems, health challenges or simple forgetfulness.  Things will get back in balance as the sweet Mercury-Venus conjunction in GEMINI starts off the Memorial Day holiday on May 28; life will be buzzing with activity!

However, it will be time to put on the brakes as Mercury begins its 3-week retrograde (May 29—June 22).  Since Mercury is the ruling planet of GEMINI (and the month ahead), you’re being called upon to go back over things rather than going forward with new projects. It’s a time to review, re-evaluate, edit, repair, sort, file and put your life in order.  You will want to double-check any plans or reservations you’ve already made, as communication mix-ups can run rampant during this cycle.  If you’re planning on getting a new computer, electronic equipment, phone or vehicle, do your research now and put off the purchase until after Mercury turns direct on June 22.  You don’t want to get a lemon!!

Some attitude adjustments may be required in relationships due to the volcanic Venus-Pluto inconjunct on the morning of May 30, but the healing Mars-Neptune trine later that day could help smooth things over and lift your spirits.  Take a walk on the beach, practice Memorial Day 2021 - Honoring All Who Served mindful meditation, go to a concert or spend quality time with your pet.  The Sun-North Node conjunction (also known as MOON WOBBLE) will be exact on Memorial Day, May 31.  You’ll want to avoid taking rash actions or making impulsive decisions during this unstable period, which begins a week earlier and continues through the first week of June.  Cool your jets and collect information from a variety of sources, but wait until all the facts are in before making any important moves.  You could receive some very important information at this time; it’s very likely that a GEMINI individual will be the one putting you in touch with what or who you need to know!

Venus finishes its stay in light-hearted GEMINI and moves on to join Mars in nurturing CANCER on June 2.  From here on, social activities will revolve around family gatherings, food preparation, picnics, barbecues and fine dining experiences.  Sensitivities and sentimental feelings will be running strong; make it a point to cherish and connect with loved ones.  The positive energy brought in with the loving Venus-Jupiter trine on June 3 will enhance friendships and aesthetic experiences.  And the grounded Sun-Saturn trine, also on the 3rd, will bring on a steadying influence.  Make some special memories!

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June 5, on the other hand, is a day when you’ll want to take it easy as the turbulent Mars-Pluto opposition comes to head.  Find healthy ways to release any pent-up tensions or anxieties; avoid confrontations and conflicts with those who don’t see things your way (especially regarding finances or dietary issues).  BE the change you want to see happen instead!  Think before you speak, as the unconscious Mercury-Neptune square shows up  the same day; take the high road and be compassionate to yourself as well as to others.

The New Moon (and Solar Eclipse) in GEMINI falls on June 10 at 3:53 am PDT.  From this point on, the phone calls, emails, texts and messages will be intensifying — there are places to go, people to see, and ideas & information to exchange.  GEMINI is associated with the the nervous system, nose, sinuses, lungs, shoulders, arms & hands.  Sniff out the interesting things to do—follow your curiosities!  GEMINI (the Twins) is considered a dual sign; you may notice that things happen to you in “twos” this month. The Sun-Mercury conjunction (also on June 10), will assist in clarifying your priorities, making travel plans and setting things in motion.  Communicate your truth and get unspoken issues off your chest!

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Mars leaves CANCER and begins a new 6-week cycle in joyful LEO on June 11—let the entertainment begin!  Express yourself, project a greater sense of self-confidence and bring more color & vibrancy into your life.  The scintillating Venus-Uranus sextile, on June 12, will add a sparkle to any gathering (and has been known to inspire love at first sight).  Consider getting your favorite people together, and say yes to any invitations to parties, concerts or cultural events.  It’s time to celebrate being alive!

Just don’t do anything you’ll regret the next day, as the forlorn Venus-Saturn inconjunct, on June 13, could throw cold water on any excesses, improprieties or lack of safety concerns.  The exhausting Sun-Neptune square, which also peaks on June 13, will require some time-out for rest, relaxation & healing.  It’s a good day to sleep in, renew your spirit and refresh your aura.  Immerse yourself in music, a good movie, meditation, yoga stretches or a bath with essential oils—and perhaps a mimosa?White House Clipart Executive Power - Political Parties, HD Png Download - 880x880(#3802946) - PngFind

Flag Day (June 14)—another patriotic holiday which takes place during this solar month—shares the day with the second disruptive Saturn-Uranus square of the year (the first one showed up in mid-February during the impeachment).  This stressful aspect relates to the conflict between the past vs. the future, conservative vs. liberal and Republican vs. Democrat.  A serious resistance to change will show up in some form or another, from possible congressional stalemates to public demonstrations.  On a personal level, you’ll be presented with an opportunity to close out an old chapter in your life and open up a new one.  It is to be hoped that the rabid Mars-Jupiter inconjunct—also on the 14th—won’t stir up serious tensions or violence.  Avoid negative, toxic or hot-headed individuals and do your best to stay detached from the fray!

The tumultuous Sun-Pluto inconjunct, on June 16, closes out this solar month with a challenge to each of us to transform those attitudes or issues in our life that need to be purged and left behind.  The fact that Jupiter turns retrograde on June 20 (on the Summer Solstice) only re-emphasizes the need to review our belief systems, renew our faith and get honest with ourselves.  In the midst of all these outer tensions, remember to keep yourself aligned with the lightness & brightness of the GEMINI spirit as the events of this hectic month play out.  A new season is just around the corner!

PSHAPPY BIRTHDAY & SOLAR RETURN to my witty, perceptive GEMINI friends!  Wishing you a breath of fresh air as your “new year” begins! Monarch Butterfly Free Stock Photo - Public Domain Pictures


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