Ready for a breath of fresh air?  With the Sun now in GEMINI, you’ll be feeling a strong urge to get out of the house and back into circulation.  Align with the restless, mercurial spirit of this mutable air sign — get off the couch, change up your daily routines and catch up with your grapevine…carefully.  Lively conversations, interesting concepts and visits with siblings, relatives & neighbors can stimulate your mind and elevate your spirits.  You may be inspired to attend a virtual class, workshop or lecture, make new personal connections or take a short trip or two.  Variety is the spice of life!

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Hummingbird medicine is especially potent this month – flit about the neighborhood, gather the nectar and check out the local scene.  Since GEMINI is associated with communication, transportation & distribution, this is an optimal time to catch up with email, handle correspondence, check in with social media and return phone calls. Advertise your services or products, put out a newsletter or circulate a petition.

This could also be a good time to update your computer, music system, TV or phone so you don’t miss a thing! You may be ready to buy or sell a vehicle, fix up your car or utilize a ride-sharing app.  You’re likely to utilize the services of the library, bookstore, post office, printer, office supply, internet, newspaper or local media more than usual.  Mercury—ruling planet of GEMINI—is  in GEMINI as this solar month begins.  Named after the swift-footed messenger of the gods, Mercury is associated with the mind, logic, ideas & information.  While in its own sign, you’ll be feeling especially restless, inquisitive and flirtatious.   No way can you be bored this month!  However, you may find it a challenge to juggle all your interests & activities.  Avoid running off in too many directions at once — it’s way too easy to get scattered, fragmented or diverted.  You’ll also want to avoid passing on gossip or unverified information.

Venus is currently retrograding in GEMINI (through August 7), suggesting a time for reconnecting with friends, re-evaluating your social alliances & activities, and re-examining your tastes & pleasures.  Be especially careful to maintain physical distancing in your interpersonal interactions as the spacey Venus-Neptune square comes to a head on May 20, followed by the Mercury-Neptune square early on the 22nd.  There’s some confusing energy afoot!The New Moon in GEMINI—on May 22 at 10:39 am PDT—gets this new solar month off to a scintillating start (as well as Memorial Day weekend).  After all the grounded TAURUS energy of last month, the mood is lightening up ‒ there are places to go, people to see, and ideas & information to exchange.  GEMINI is associated with the the nose, sinuses, lungs, shoulders, arms & hands.  Sniff out the interesting things to do — follow your curiosities!

Joined by the stabilizing Sun-Saturn trine, this New Moon initiates the ideal time to set long-term plans, activities and personal contacts in motion. The sociable Mercury-Venus conjunction, also on the 22nd, will add a harmonious note to the mix!  Electricity is in the air with the Mars/Uranus sextile on May 24; initiate a family get-together, bake up some special treats or add an electronic convenience to the home.

At the same time, an attitude adjustment may be required with the stressful Mercury-Pluto inconjunct (May 24) and the reckless MercuryJupiter inconjunct (May 26).  Be alert and use good common sense in your communications and while on the road.  Just as Mercury gets to its final degree of GEMINI, it makes a conjunction with the North Lunar Node as it’s just starting on its new 18-month journey through GEMINI.  You could be at the right place at the right time to make an significant connection, embark on a new path or tune in to some very useful information.  Keep your ears & eyes peeled!

Mercury slides into nurturing CANCER on May 28, changing up the energy.  Focus on financial & emotional security, be open to new sources of income or investment opportunities, protect your assets and stock up on necessities.  It might be a good time to re-evaluate your possessions and clear out those items that you no longer use or need (although sentimental attachments could get in the way)! Try out some new recipes, read a nutrition book or re-examine your dietary habits; set a new program of self-care in motion. 

The frustrating Mercury-Saturn inconjunct on May 29 could require a balancing act between meeting your personal needs — and responding to your responsibilities to others.  And the star-crossed Venus-Mars square, on June 2, may bring an edgy energy to your romantic relationships.  It’s commonly known as love vs. lust — so take it easy!  The sweet Sun-Venus conjunction on the 3rd should bring things back into harmony and stimulate some delightful social activity.  There will be lots of electricity in the air with the intellectually-sparkling Mercury-Uranus sextile on the 5th; it’s the perfect time for barbecues, picnics or fine dining with the family.

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The Full Moon (and Lunar Eclipse) in GEMINI—SAGITTARIUS, which comes to a peak on June 5 at 12:12 pm PDT, could stir up so much activity & information that you may feel stretched out, frazzled & overwhelmed!  Rein in your scattered energies.  Breathe!  Allow enough time in your schedule for potential traffic snarls or communication mix-ups, and be especially alert while on the road.  Do your best to maintain social distancing in the midst of all the lively action & interaction.  Explore safe ways to stay in touch.

Work demands could be more challenging than usual as the competitive Sun-Mars square builds up on June 6; do your best to avoid conflicts & power struggles, especially with co-workers.  By June 11, the chaotic Sun-Neptune square comes to a head — you’ll likely be needing some serious rest & regeneration.  Face up to any health concerns, catch up  on your sleep and take care of any issues that may arise with your pets.  On June 12, the Mars-Neptune conjunction—in PISCES—could stir up major escapist tendencies & unconscious behaviors.  Find a healthy outlet for your fears or fantasies; listen to some uplifting music, get a massage, meditate, go to the ocean, take a long soak in the tub or have a good cry.  Elevate instead of dissipating! may want to slow down a bit and take care of business as the volatile Sun-Pluto inconjunct (June 14) and the reckless Sun-Jupiter inconjunct (June 16) play out.  Some adjustments will be required to get back on track.  You’ll be going back over things once Mercury begins its 3-week retrograde cycle in CANCER on June 17 (through July 11).  Utilize this period to edit, repair, review or redo things, particularly when it comes to food, finances & feelings.  Avoid start-ups of any kind, elective medical procedures, making commitments or signing contracts.  Hold off on buying vehicles, computers or electronic equipment until this glitchy period passes.

The energetic Mars-Pluto sextile on June 18, as well as the positive Mars-Jupiter sextile (June 20) could provide the inspiration you need to tackle whatever is on your plate!  This solar month ends as the Sun-North Lunar Node conjunction (aka Moon Wobble) peaks on June 19.  This is the midpoint of a 2-week period of instability in the universe, so chill out and avoid risky, impulsive actions.  It can wait!  Instead, just go with the flow and ride the waves.  Stay observant, flexible, mobile and communicative — open your mind to all options and keep it light.  Spring will be coming to an end — and Summer is just around the corner.  Have an informative & scintillating month ahead!Image result for hummingbird images



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