Feeling a need to lighten up?  Ready for a breath of fresh air?  With the Sun now in GEMINI, you’ll be feeling an urge to get out of the house and back into circulation.  Align with the restless, mercurial spirit of this mutable air sign — get off the couch, change up your daily routines and catch up with your grapevine.  Lively conversations, interesting concepts and visits with siblings, relatives and neighbors will stimulate your mind and elevate your spirits.  You may be inspired to attend a class, workshop or lecture, make personal connections or take a short trip or two.  Variety is the spice of life!

Since GEMINI is associated with communication, transportation & distribution, this is an optimal month to catch up with email, handle correspondence and return phone calls.  Like a butterfly, you’ll want to flit about, gather the nectar and check out the local scene.  Hop on your bike, take a walk around the block and nose around the neighborhood.  It is also a good time to get a new phone, update your plan or check out some new apps; you also may be inspired to buy, sell or repair a vehicle — it’s important to have connectivity & mobility!

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself utilizing the services of the library, bookstore, post office, office supply store, newspaper, local media and Internet more than usual.  There’s no better time to exchange ideas & information!  This would be an ideal month to advertise your services or products, put out a newsletter or circulate a petition. Mercury—ruling planet of GEMINI—enters GEMINI along with the Sun on May 21. This signals a major frequency shift from the previous month (TAURUS) — from heavy to light, from stagnant to flexible.  Your thoughts will be turning from household matters to the world of ideas.  No way can you be bored this month!  However, you may find it a challenge to juggle all your interests & activities.  Avoid running off in too many directions at once!

The Sun-Mercury conjunction (on May 21), is a good time to get your priorities straight, make travel plans and set things in motion.  Pay attention to your intuition, dreams & fantasies as the Neptune-North Node trine develops, also on the 21st; you could experience a spiritual uplift!  Electricity is in the air with the Mars/Uranus sextile on May 22; initiate a family get-together, bake up some special treats or add an electronic convenience to the home.

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Don’t believe everything you hear, read or see (and certainly don’t pass it on!) during the last few days of May; be skeptical, question everything and be circumspect in your speech with the spacey Mercury-Neptune square (May 29), the frustrating Mercury-Saturn inconjunct and the reckless Mercury-Jupiter opposition (both on May 30), and the stressful Mercury-Pluto inconjunct (31st).

The power of love can overcome these potential irritants as the Venus-Neptune sextile on May 30 brings a healing vibration in home & family matters, followed by the steadying Venus-Saturn trine on the 31st.  Appreciate your friendships, beauty and creature comforts — and fly above the fray!  Get out and enjoy some social time during the first weekend in June; the playful Venus-Pluto trine (June 2) could stimulate fun gatherings, new relationships and collaborative creative projects. The New Moon in GEMINI falls on June 3 at 3:02 am PDT; from this point on, the phone calls, emails, texts and messages will be intensifying – and it will seem like everyone’s scattering to the four winds!  Follow your curiosities and allow your inquisitive nature to lead you down some new pathways.  GEMINI is associated with the nervous system, as well as the nose, lungs, shoulders, arms and hands.  Take lots of deep breaths, oxygenate your brain and stretch your limbs.  Communicate your truth and get unspoken issues off your chest!

Mercury leaves GEMINI and begins a new 3-week transit in nurturing CANCER on June 4; food, finances, fuel & feelings will take on increased importance (especially with Mars also in CANCER this month).  It’s a good time to stock up on the necessities of life, balance your checkbook and take care of your personal needs.  The sparkling Mercury-Uranus sextile on June 7 can bring friends & family together with picnics, barbecues or potlucks.  It’s time to pull out your cookbooks, try a new recipe or dine at your favorite spot.

On June 8, Venus joins the Sun in GEMINI, opening the door for new social contacts, pleasurable conversations and quick jaunts.  Be cautious with communications & personal connections, however, amidst the spacey Sun-Neptune square (on June 9), the frustrating Sun-Saturn inconjunct and the reckless Sun-Jupiter opposition (both on June 10), as well as the stressful Sun-Pluto inconjunct on June 13.  Think before you open your mouth!

A new source of income, investment opportunity or important purchase may arise with the Mars-North Node conjunction on June 12 and the Mercury-North Node conjunction on June 15; you could be at the right place at the right time!  Be patient & realistic as the Mars-Saturn opposition (14th) and the Mercury-Saturn opposition (16th) bring up some financial frustrations, delays or government red tape.   This, too, will pass!

A period of confusion, chaos & misinformation builds up with the Jupiter-Neptune square (), which peaks on June 16.  Issues involving immigration, education, jobs & health care will be amplified and possibly distorted during this particular aspect, which first occurred in mid-January during the government shutdown.  Wonder what kind of shenanigans or monkey business will emerge this time??

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You could feel stretched out, frazzled & fragmented as the Full Moon in GEMINI & SAGITTARIUS comes to a head on June 17 at 1:31 am PDT.   Allow enough time for potential traffic snarls or communication mix-ups and stay especially alert & observant on the road.  Rein in your scattered energies — breathe!

The steadying Saturn-Neptune sextile on June 18 will have a grounding influence, and along with the Mercury/Mars conjunction on the same day, will add a note of clarity & functionality.  Both Mercury & Mars will form an intense opposition to Pluto on June 19; do what you can to ease any stress or tension in your life, don’t force things to happen, and avoid making impulsive purchases or financial commitments as this solar month comes to an end.  Stay light & bright — Summer is just around the corner!


© 2019  Diane Elizabeth Clarke

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