Ready to have more joy & playfulness in your life?  With the Sun now in its own sign, LEO, you can expect a lively, solar-powered month ahead!  It’s time to crawl out of your shell, express yourself and allow your unique individuality to shine forth.  “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players” (Shakespeare).  So…play your role to the max, and allow that divine spark within you to radiate outward!

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The Sun is the source of all life and light on this planet — welcome this revitalizing force, recharge your batteries and soak up some rays (carefully, since LEO is a fire sign and this tends to be the hottest month of the year in the northern hemisphere).

Just as the Sun is the central pulse of our solar system, you, too, are the heartbeat of your personal universe and the source of your own experience.  Whatever (and whoever) is revolving around you can provide important feedback about the energy you’re putting out there.  Image result for heart

What do those in your close orbit tell you about yourself?  Are you happy with the “I am” that you are projecting?  Are you comfortable with the life you’re living?  Or are there some aspects of your personal identity, self-image, appearance or lifestyle that require some attention?  Acknowledge that you are both the co-creator and the star of your own drama – and that you have the capacity to rewrite both the script and the characters in it.  Let your heart be your guide!

With Mercury & Venus conjunct in the sign CANCER on July 24, you’ll want to focus on your personal finances, emotional needs and dietary habits – strive for balance & harmony in these matters.  Since Mercury has been retrograde since July 7, this is a time to catch up with bills, re-evaluate your expenditures and re-stock the necessities of life.  You could feel more sentimental, sensitive or self-protective than usual, so work at meeting your needs and nurturing yourself on all levels.  This would also be a good time to get back in touch with personal friends!

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A new level of confidence & enthusiasm will arise as Mars (in LEO) trines Jupiter (in SAGITTARIUS) on July 25 — be attuned to any urges to travel, learn, teach, write or promote your products & ideas.  You’ll want to be realistic, however, due to the Mars-Saturn inconjunct on the following day; take care that the necessary finances & structures are in place before going forward.

Venus leaves CANCER and joins both the Sun & Mars in LEO on the evening of July 27; you can look forward to lively social interactions, celebratory gatherings with friends and entertainment opportunities during the next few weeks.  Spread the joy!  Be prepared for some surprises, interruptions or power outages as the unpredictable Sun-Uranus square peaks on July 29; explore alternative approaches in family & domestic affairs.  Chaos & confusion can reign with the Mars-Neptune inconjunct on the 30th; avoid toxic people, don’t believe everything you hear & catch up on your sleep.The energy shifts in a more positive direction on July 31 with the New Moon in LEO (at 8:12 pm PDT) – let your spirit soar!  As Robert Louis Stevenson so aptly put it, “To be what we are, and to become what we are capable of becoming, is the only end in life”.  Open yourself up to new possibilities and unexplored avenues of self-expression — be the sunshine in your life!  Also on the evening of the 31st, Mercury will turn direct– hallelujah!  The way will now be clear for moving ahead into new territory, as well as for purchasing a vehicle, computer or electronic device.

Keep your plans loose on August 12, as the Venus-Uranus square could bring unexpected visitors, sudden changes & rearrangements in social plans or disruptions in relationships.  Stay spontaneous!  Instead of trying to make things happen with the overly-aggressive Mars-Pluto inconjunct on August 4, put the law of attraction to work and allow the right situations to come to you.  Image result for sun symbol astrologyKick up your heels with the exuberant Sun-Jupiter trine on August 7 and the fun-loving Venus-Jupiter trine on August 8.  However, you’ll want to take others into consideration before galloping off into the sunset, due to the Sun-Saturn inconjunct, on the 7th, and the Venus-Saturn inconjunct on the 8th. Take a patient & respectful approach in your dealings with others.

You may feel spacey or discombobulated with the Sun-Neptune inconjunct (on August 10) and the Venus-Neptune inconjunct (on August 11). Keep your wits about you!  Also on August 11, Jupiter will turn direct, and Uranus will go retrograde — expect some major crosscurrents as these planets change directions.  Events will likely take on a dramatic flair, as Mercury joins the Sun, Venus & Mars in LEO on the very same day. With half of the planets now in fire signs, things will be really heating up!  Avoid burnout, and be especially careful with candles & campfires, as wildfire season is upon us.

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Some high-pressure situations may arise as both the Sun & Venus make a challenging inconjunct to Pluto on August 14; do what you can to tamp down any stress that arises.  Fortunately, the harmonious Sun-Venus conjunction, on the same day, will bring in a sense of calm & serenity.

The Full Moon in LEO & AQUARIUS peaks on August 15 at 5:29 am PDT; you could experience unusual encounters, changes of plans, sudden separation, amazing flashes of insight or lots of drama.  Increased self-understanding can be realized through feedback from your one-on-one interactions.  Don’t let your ego get in the way, and downplay any of the negative LEO impulses (like narcissism, arrogance or stubbornness).  BE the change you want to see happen.  The edgy Mercury-Uranus square on August 16 will give you the opportunity to see things from a different perspective — open your mind for some positive changes ahead!

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Late on August 17, Mars moves on to industrious VIRGO and will stay there for the next 6 weeks.  You’ll want to put some focused efforts into cleaning, editing, sorting, filing, repairing, healing and tidying up some unfinished business.  And with Venus joining Mars in VIRGO on August 21, it will be an advantageous time to connect up with others for mutually-beneficial purposes.  The expansive Mercury-Jupiter trine, on the same day, will remind you that by helping others to help themselves, you’ll also be receiving some amazing benefits for yourself!

May your light shine brightly this month! Image result for sunshine images




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