Feel the crispness of Fall in the air?  With the Sun now in LIBRA (the sign associated with peace, friendship, cooperation, beauty & fair play), Summer is officially over.  The new season has begun with the AUTUMNAL EQUINOX — the point when day & night are of equal length.  This is the month to mellow out, get your life back in balance and make more time for leisure and pleasure.  It’s that time of year when the temperatures begin to cool down,  the leaves change color and people tend to draw closer together—the ideal climate for participation, collaboration and social interaction!

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Turn over a new leaf, take a more gentle approach to things and appreciate the sweetness that life has to offer ― good friends, stimulating conversations and aesthetic pleasures.  Surround yourself with beauty and indulge your senses with soothing music, fragrant flowers, candlelight dinners, fine wine and decadent desserts.  Share precious moments with your loved ones.  Add some culture to your life — take in a concert, play or art exhibit.  Throw an intimate party for those in your social bubble!

A cardinal air sign, LIBRA is symbolized by “the high winds of early fall, followed by a calm.”  We could use some calm these days — it’s been way too windy & blustery lately! Related image  Hopefully, the LIBRA spirit of fairness, justice, diplomacy and compromise will find its way into our hearts this month.  With the US elections underway, as well as the battle over filling the now-empty Supreme Court seat, it’s clear that we have some particularly contentious times ahead of us.  May the gracious LIBRA energy pacify the tensions, smooth out the rough edges and soothe our souls!

Mercury is also in LIBRA, along with the Sun, as this solar month begins; however, the inherent sweetness of this placement could be thwarted by its sobering square to Saturn on September 23.  Be patient & realistic, and stay safe & secure.  The combative Mercury-Mars opposition may stir up conflicts, sharp words, stresses or strains  on September 24, so try to look at things from both sides of the equation before saying what’s on your mind.

Mercury moves on to SCORPIO on September 27 (and will stay there until October 27); leadership, power & politics will be dominating the airwaves & conversations. It is shaping up to be an exceedingly divisive, abrasive and potentially violent pre-election period, and Mercury‘s presence in SCORPIO will only amplify these tendencies. Do your research, look below the surface and keep your opinions to yourself. Set clear intentions, empower yourself and channel your mental efforts into achieving your personal & professional goals. Rise above the fray!

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VenusLIBRA’s ruling planet―is in sunny LEO at the start of this new solar cycle; colorful personalities and dramatic events will take center stage.  It may be challenging to feel the joy, however, due to the uncomfortable inconjunct aspects that Venus makes to Neptune (September 23), Pluto (September 26) and Saturn (September 28).  Some adjustments to the realities of life may be required.  By the evening of the 28th, though, the socially-sparkling Venus-Mars trine could turn the energy around — let the party begin!

Saturn turns direct in CAPRICORN late on September 28; now’s the time to move forward with a new level of discipline & commitment — and to apply the lessons you learned during its past 4½-month retrograde.  On the following day, the frustrating Mars-Saturn square comes to a head (on the day of the first presidential debate).  Any blockages, obstacles or delays that you’ve been experiencing will begin to free up after September 29.  Hold steady, stay on track and avoid negativity, judgmental attitudes or self-defeating behaviors.  Instead, focus on the essentials, be patient and take responsibility for your thoughts & actions.  No procrastinating!

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Whatever was initiated with the New Moon in VIRGO (on September 17) will be illuminated by the Full Moon in LIBRA/ARIES, which peaks on October 1 at 2:05 pm PDT.  This is known as the Harvest Moon — a time for reaping what you’ve sown.  Whatever has been hidden in the darkness will be exposed to the light.  The challenge will be to maintain your equilibrium while juggling friends & social obligations with your personal projects, children or lovers.  Be sure to please yourself as much as you please others!

By October 2, the unpredictable Sun-Uranus inconjunct could bring about some unexpected connections, surprises or changes of plans.  Computers & electronic devices often misbehave under this aspect, so back up your systems beforehand.  Some adjustments to your schedule or trajectory may be required — stay spontaneous, be pro-active and get off the beaten path!Related imageOnce Venus moves on to VIRGO on October 2, you’ll want to take some time out from your social calendar to tidy up your life, finish up some old business and refocus on health & employment issues.  Clean, sort, set up systems, file and put things in their proper places.  Enlist the aid of a friend or a professional organizer to help clear the decks if you need some support in the process.  Find ways to make your work procedures and environment more pleasant, harmonious & balanced.  At the same time, extend a hand to your loved ones and workmates — helping others to help themselves can bring you much personal satisfaction now.

Pluto turns direct on October 4, after being in retrograde for the past 5½ months. now’s the time to move forward with new creative projects and business ventures! At long last, all three planets in practical CAPRICORNJupiter, Saturn & Pluto—will be going direct again!  From now through mid-December (when both Jupiter & Saturn move on to innovative AQUARIUS), you can utilize these energies to manifest your ideas and lay solid foundations.  Much can be accomplished with patience, discipline and diligence.  Take care of business and make the next couple of months count!

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Be prepared for shocking revelations, unusual ideas or computer crashes as the erratic Mercury-Uranus opposition builds up on October 7.  Free up from any habitual or limiting patterns of behavior, particularly in home & career matters.  Both the stressful Mars-Pluto square on October 9, and the Sun-Pluto square on October 15, suggest a need for finding a healthy outlet to release some inner tensions.  Don’t bottle up your feelings or force things to happen; avoid taking impatient actions or getting into explosive interactions with others.  There will be much turbulence in the air!

The romantic Venus-Uranus trine will bring a spontaneous respite to the outer aggravations and add a delightful social sparkle to the weekend of October 10; love at first sight has been know to occur along with this magical aspect.  Just don’t get too carried away with enthusiasm, however — the excessive Sun-Jupiter square, along with the unconscious Sun-Neptune inconjunct,  both peak the next day and you could have some morning-after regrets if you don’t hold the line on eating, drinking & carousing!

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The third & final uplifting Jupiter-Neptune sextile of the year falls on October 12, inspiring compassion, healing & heightened awareness.  Listening to music, singing & dancing, writing poetry, meditating or cuddling with pets could help transcend the mundane realities of life.  Friendships & social gatherings could be especially sweet with the Mercury-Venus sextile, also on the 12th.  Happy Columbus Day — and Thanksgiving blessings to our Canadian friends!

Mercury begins its final retrograde cycle of the year on October 13 (it will turn direct on the morning of November 3: Election Day). What timing—OMG!  The contentious Sun-Mars opposition comes to a head on the 13th, just as this retrograde period begins.  Major power struggles, heated confrontations or violent acts will likely be taking place, especially with Mercury in SCORPIO.  It’s a good time to lay low.  Many missteps and glitches with early voting & mail-in ballots are likely to occur during the retrograde, along with miscommunications & false information.  Stay conscious & aware!  Utilize this time to go back over things, catch up with yourself and make any necessary repairs.  This is NOT the time to start a business, sign contracts, have an elective surgery or purchase a computer, electronic equipment or vehicles — just do your research instead!

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A new day dawns with the New Moon in LIBRA, which falls on October 16 at 12:31 pm PDT. Get together with your favorite people, take in some cultural activities and beautify your environment (and yourself).  Envision and redesign your life the way you’d prefer it to be; initiate a self-improvement program or two. With the emphasis on small group interactions and joint creative projects, it would be to your benefit to join up with those who share similar interests and ideals!

Do whatever it takes to stay in a harmonious state of mind as Sunday, October 18 rolls around.  With the gloomy Sun-Saturn square, the spacey Venus-Neptune opposition, the exhausting Mars-Jupiter square and the star-crossed Venus-Mars inconjunct ALL occurring on this day, it might be a good idea to just stay in bed and pull the covers over your head!  Have a good laugh on the 19th with the Venus-Jupiter trine, and choose to do something unique & different as Mercury once again opposes Uranus later that day.While the unstable Venus-Lunar Node square on October 20 may throw you a curve or two, the dynamic Venus-Pluto trine on the 21st will bring this solar month to a happy conclusion.  A creative, playful spirit will be in the air, attracting you to new friendships and collaborative opportunities.  May you find inner peace, love & harmony as you navigate the challenging crosscurrents of this particular LIBRA month.  Make this your mantra for the month:  “Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me“.

PS: HAPPY BIRTHDAY & SOLAR RETURN to my LIBRA friends! Image result for maple leaf



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