LONG-TERM FORECAST:   You are currently completing a powerful transformation in both your personal & professional life while Pluto, your ruling planet, transits CAPRICORN (20082024).  You’ve been challenged to take charge of your life, reclaim your power and actualize your goals.  During this 16-year cycle, new career directions have likely emerged, inspiring you to take some calculated risks and develop your leadership abilities.  You may also have experienced a newly-found sense of self-discipline and commitment, which along with a little patience and follow-through, will serve you well in manifesting your desires.

A potent new cycle began when Pluto took its initial steps into AQUARIUS from 3/23 to 6/11/23 — preparing you for a more free, spontaneous and sociable lifestyle.  Pluto re-entered AQUARIUS on 1/20/24, but will make a brief & final return to CAPRICORN between 9/111/19/24.  Clear the decks and get ready for your future!  As this new 20-year transit unfolds, you’ll be experiencing transformation & renewal in your friendships, social alliances and group associations. Outgrown relationships will periodically be purged from your life, opening the door for more stimulating companionship and pleasurable pursuits.  Intense, innovative and enterprising individuals will be showing up and stirring up new activities.  Opportunities for becoming involved in joint ventures, cooperative efforts & creative collaborations will arise.  By aligning with those with whom you share common interests & ideals, many of your long-term hopes & wishes can be realized.  Nurture your artistic, aesthetic side — add some culture and creativity to your life!

With Neptune in PISCES (2/3/12–1/26/26), you’ll be researching alternative healing modalities, clearing out any psychological cobwebs and awakening to hidden talents & psychic abilities.  It’s the ideal time to update your skills, clean out the closets, get organized and make your life more functional.  You may find yourself working with those who share similar interests, dreams and spiritual values.

With Uranus in TAURUS  (5/15/184/26/26), you are ready to make some major changes in your personal finances, value systems & dietary habits.  During this 7-year cycle, unexpected or unusual sources of income or investment opportunities could arise; financial freedom could be on the horizon.  You’re likely to explore alternative approaches to nutrition, supplements and food preparation. Release old attachments and outworn possessions — make way for the new!

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While Saturn transits PISCES (3/7/232/13/26), you’ll be focusing on making your life more efficient, productive & functional.  During this 3-year cycle, you’re being called upon to re-examine your priorities, solidify & upgrade your skills and complete old projects.  It’s the time for self-analysis and for clearing out any self-defeating beliefs or behaviors, as well as resolving long-standing health challenges.

With Jupiter in TAURUS (since 5/16/23), personal finances will improve, new sources of income will arise and investment opportunities will present themselves.  This can be your lucky year financially, so think prosperously!  You will have the resources to fix up your home and feather your nest.  Self-care, nutrition & dietary matters will also take on increased significance, so nurture yourself on all levels!

Once Jupiter moves on to GEMINI on 5/25/24, you’ll be eager to get back into circulation, reconnect with relatives & neighbors, exchange ideas & information and take some short trips.  A variety of new interests will bring much intellectual stimulation your way during the upcoming year.Aries symbol - Openclipart


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