GEMINI FORECAST (5/20 – 6/20/24)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY & SOLAR RETURN!  You’re certainly going to be the center of activity this month, with the Sun (and numerous other planets) in your sign.  Express yourself and share your scintillating light with the rest of us.  You’ll be especially charismatic on 5/20, 22, 6/4, 6 (New Moon in GEMINI) & 14.  Put some effort into enhancing your appearance, self-image and lifestyle; it could be a good time to get a facial, try a new hairdo, renew your wardrobe or update your media profile or photo.

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A partnership or teamwork situation could need to be acknowledged on the Full Moon (5/23); strive for honesty, mutuality and clear communication.  Pay attention to any feedback you get from your one-on-one relationships — increased self-awareness could be the result!

Mercury—your planet—is in TAURUS as this solar month begins.  Continue with your focus on home, family & property matters.  Take the time to put your domestic scene in comfortable, secure condition: tie up any loose ends, clean, sort and eliminate clutter and excess.  Work & health matters may also need some attention.

Once Mercury enters GEMINI on 6/3 (joining the Sun, Venus & Jupiter in GEMINI), you’ll feel more together, polished up and ready to shine. Your wit, versatility & flexibility will be valued & enjoyed by those around you.  Venus has been in GEMINI since 5/23, which will only add to your popularity through 6/16.  Beautify yourself and your immediate surroundings!

The big news is that Jupiter is beginning a new year-long cycle in GEMINI on 5/25.  You’ve been preparing for this for the past year – putting your life in order and finishing up old projects. Now you’re ready to enjoy a year of increased abundance and positivity with Jupiter in your sign.  You’ll be experiencing new levels of personal growth, expansion and self-expression.  Take advantage of any opportunities that arise for traveling, learning, teaching, writing, publishing or promoting your ideas.  This is a significant window of opportunity — go for the gusto!  For some insight as to what may be ahead, you may find it helpful to review what was going on in your life when this same cycle was in effect 12 years ago (6/11/126/25/12).

In the midst of all this exciting, positive energy, you may have some realities to deal with regarding your career or professional image.  Be patient with yourself & others on 6/8 (Venus square Saturn), 6/9 (Sun square Saturn) and 6/12 (Mercury square Saturn).  The Neptune squares on 6/16, 17 & 20 may confuse some issues, so don’t take yourself too seriously, hold your tongue and wade gently through any chaotic situations that may come your way.  Things will be clearing up soon.

By 6/17, both Mercury & Venus will have moved on to CANCER, refocusing your attention on personal finances, food & feelings.  Be on the alert for new sources of income and investment opportunities.  Stock up on necessities, and at the same time, clear out and recycle those things you no longer use or need.  Make room for the new!  Pay extra attention to your nutritional needs and dietary habits.  Nurture yourself and focus on self-care!


LONG-TERM FORECAST:  You’ve been actively exploring new and creative ways to take care of business during Pluto’s transit of CAPRICORN (2008–2024).  During this 16-year cycle, you have been eliminating outworn structures, habits & relationships from your life, making way for new joint ventures and resurrected possibilities.  Business partnerships, financial & parental responsibilities, insurance, taxes and legal matters have required periodic attention & follow-through.  You could find yourself managing other people’s money & resources, setting up corporations, trusts, wills or retirement plans, receiving an inheritance or renewing vows.  Image result for hummingbird images

Since Pluto took its initial steps into AQUARIUS (3/236/11/23) and 1/209/1/24), you’re getting a preview of things to come over the next 20 years.  Travel, education, writing, publishing, marketing and sports will start playing a larger role in your life.  You’ve likely been experiencing a renewed spirit of adventure, expansiveness and optimism lately.  Once Pluto settles down for its 20-year stay in AQUARIUS on 11/19/24, you’ll be exploring new territory, extending your vistas and communicating with others on a global scale — the world is your playground!  Your belief systems will undergo a transformational process, as you’ll be investigating higher levels of consciousness and seeking greater understanding of your place in the cosmic scheme of things.  Maintain a positive outlook, stay in integrity with yourself and your ideals, and – most of all – tell the truth!

A subtle, yet significant shift in your personal & professional goals is occurring while Neptune transits PISCES (2012–2026).  You’re highly charismatic now and could achieve career success in such fields as politics, film-making, photography, health, spiritual healing, music or the arts.  By aligning with your spiritual purpose & honoring your vision, your dreams can become realized!

With Uranus now in TAURUS (5/15/184/26/26), you are developing new skills & techniques, inventing unique methodologies and researching offbeat subjects.  During this 7-year cycle, it’s the time for redefining priorities, clarifying your motives and clearing away any self-defeating behavior patterns or emotional debris.  You may be inspired to make your home run more efficiently.

Your personal & professional goals are undergoing a major restructuring while Saturn transits PISCES (3/7/232/13/26). You could assume a greater sense of responsibility, mastery and leadership in your chosen field.  Whether you’re building a new career, solidifying your current one, running an organization or simply wanting greater control over your life, you could achieve your objectives with patience, discipline and conscientious effort.  During this 3-year cycle, much can be accomplished of long-lasting value; go for what you want — you’re likely to get it!

Jupiter has been in TAURUS since 5/16/23, providing you with opportunities to finish up old projects, tie up loose ends and put your life & household in order.

As of 5/25/24, an exciting cycle of opportunity & personal growth opens up for you as Jupiter moves on to GEMINI.  This begins a lucky, expansive period for you (through 6/9/25) — a time to come out of hiding and allow yourself to be seen & heard.  You will be extending your horizons, such as traveling, learning new things, writing, teaching, publishing, promoting your ideas or products and likely getting more exercise than usual.  Aim high and shoot for the stars!  You may find it helpful to review what was going on in your life when this same cycle was in effect 12 years ago (6/11/126/25/12). Image result for hummingbird images


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