LIBRA FORECAST (9/22 – 10/23/22)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY & SOLAR RETURN!  You’re the belle of the ball this month — step into the spotlight & let your light shine (particularly on 9/22, 25 (New Moon), 29, 10/11, 13, 17-18 & 22)!  With the Sun now in your sign, you’ll be acknowledged and appreciated for your natural charm, sweetness & tact — a port in the storm for those in need of a calm & caring friend.  Put some energy into polishing your self-image and enhancing your appearance; beautify yourself and your immediate environment!

You’ll want to direct your attention into partnership & teamwork interactions as the Full Moon builds to a peak on 10/9; aim forImage result for venus increased consensus, equality & fair play in all your one-on-one relationships.  The oppositions to Jupiter (in your partnership sector) from the Sun (9/26), Venus (10/1) and Mercury (10/12) may overwhelm you a bit, but they can provide some honest insights into the way you relate to others.  Pay special attention to any feedback coming your way, as it could ultimately increase your self-understanding and bring more inner peace & equilibrium.  Don’t force any issues in relationships on 10/19 (the Sun & Venus both square Pluto that day); take some deep breaths, relax and look for creative ways of letting off steam.

You’ve been busy cleaning out the closets, sorting and filing lately while Venus—your planet—has been in VIRGO (since 9/4).  Clear the decks, put your life in order and don’t procrastinate (especially between 9/23—27 and on 10/6)!  Once Venus moves on to LIBRA on 9/29, you can look forward to a sweet & lively social life — friends, cultural events and collaborative activities will bring you much pleasure.  Mercury rejoins the Sun & Venus in LIBRA on 10/10, a further assist in getting your act together.  Clarify your personal priorities!

Travel, education, writing, publishing, marketing and sports activities are energized & activated now, with Mars in GEMINI through March ’23.  This is a highly stimulating cycle for you, so take advantage of this energy — catch up on your reading, get back to the gym, plan some adventures and broaden your horizons!

LONG-TERM FORECAST:  You’ll be experiencing a significant reorganization in your base of operations while Pluto transits CAPRICORN (20082024).  During this 16-year cycle, home, family and property matters will be undergoing some intense, even earthshaking, changes.  Existing family relationships, support systems, creature comforts, habit patterns & established structures are likely to be uprooted, transformed & renewed.  You may feel a compelling urge to build, remodel, redecorate, landscape, garden, buy real estate, start a family or make a major move.  This is a potent time for creating community and extended family, along with strengthening your inner security.  Let the metamorphosis  begin!!

With Neptune currently in its own sign, PISCES (2012–2026), you will be encountering a subtle, yet noticeable shift in employment and health-related matters.  During this 14–year cycle, outgrown methods, routines and habits are dissolving, clearing the decks for more personally-rewarding work & optimal health.  Meditation, exercise, yoga, creative visualization, acupuncture, aromatherapy, herbs & natural healing modalities can be very beneficial now.  Since you may be subject to misdiagnosis, drug sensitivities, allergies, toxic reactions, psychosomatic ailments or sleep, hormone & immune imbalances during this period, stay especially attentive and attuned to your body’s needs.  You may be drawn to help those less fortunate than yourself; volunteer opportunities could provide a positive outlet for your desire to be of service to others.

While Uranus transits TAURUS (5/15/18–4/25/26), you’ll be experimenting with different approaches to taking care of business.  During this 7-year cycle, financial alignments with those who share the same values & ethics could provide you with new levels of freedom and comfort.  Avoid surprises and seek legal counsel in business dealings & contracts.  You could receive an unexpected inheritance during this period.

While Saturn is in AQUARIUS (3/21/203/7/23), you’ll likely be committing yourself to new projects, creative endeavors or business ventures.  It’s the time to put serious efforts into getting something significant off the ground.  Take some well-calculated risks and allow your enterprising spirit to make things happen — manifest some long-held dreams!  With patient, disciplined and conscientious efforts, you will be able to move mountains.  Romance, as well as children, could play a more prominent role in your life during this cycle..

While Jupiter is in PISCES (5/137/28/21, 12/28/215/10/22) and 10/27—12/20/22), you’ll want to direct your enthusiasm into work & health matters.  This will be an excellent time to upgrade your job, improve the ambience in your workplace, enhance relationships with co-workers and create a healthier lifestyle in general.  Exercise, relaxation techniques, meditation and a spiritual practice could be especially beneficial to your well-being.  You can be very fortunate in finding doctors, therapists and healers for resolving any long-term health issues during this cycle.  It could be a good time to get a pet or take your furry friends in for their annual checkup.  Take advantage of any volunteer opportunities, as being of service to others could bring you much joy & fulfillment

Once Jupiter leaps into ARIES (5/1010/27/22 & 12/20/22—5/16/23), it’s the time to join forces! You’ll want to align with positive, knowledgeable & adventurous individuals who can expand your world.  Partnership & teamwork interactions will inspire much personal growth and provide opportunities for feedback and collaboration.  Together, much can be accomplished!

©2022   Diane Elizabeth Clarke