LONG-TERM FORECAST:  You’ll be experiencing a renewed spirit of adventure, expansiveness and optimism while Pluto is in the sign CAPRICORN (20082024).  During this inspiring 16-year cycle, you’ll be exploring new territory, extending your vistas and communicating with others on a global scale – the world is your playground!  Travel, education, writing, publishing, marketing & promotional matters will take top priority.  Your belief systems will undergo a transformational process, as you’ll be investigating higher levels of consciousness and seeking greater understanding of your place in the cosmic scheme of things.  Maintain a positive outlook, stay in integrity with yourself and your ideals, and – most of all – tell the truth!

Pluto has now taken its initial steps into AQUARIUS (4/23 6/11/23), giving you a hint of things to come once it settles back there in 2024.  Increased opportunities for leadership & public visibility, and perhaps a new career path, will begin to show up for you.  Take charge of your life, reclaim your personal power and stay in integrity. You have the energy, courage & resources available to you now to accept new challenges, take some big risks and actualize your personal & professional goals.  Go for the gusto!

While Neptune transits PISCES (2012-2026), a subtle shift is taking place within your social life.  During this 14-year cycle, outgrown friendships & alliances will be dissolving, making way for those who deeply share similar interests, ideals, visions & spiritual values. Expect some mystical, magical connections! You may find yourself participating more in music, art and cultural activities during this transit.

With unpredictable Uranus now in TAURUS (5/15/18—4/25/26), you’ll be expressing yourself in more original, unconventional ways and experiencing greater freedom and spontaneity in your everyday life.  During this 7-year cycle, you’re being challenged to get off the beaten path, step out of your comfort zones and explore alternative approaches in living your life.  Do things differently!

With Saturn now in PISCES (3/7/23—2/13/26), you’re in the process of restructuring your social alliances & activities.  It’s time to shed outgrown relationships and to solidify those friendships that are meaningful & productive.   You’ll be drawn into collaborative projects and cooperative efforts with others who are committed to similar values and visions.  Many of your goals can be achieved by aligning with responsible, mature & dependable individuals, particularly those who are older or authorities in their fields.  Great benefits can arise from mixing business with pleasure during this cycle!

With Jupiter now in TAURUS (5/16/235/25/24), this is your LUCKY year!  Opportunities to express yourself, learn new things, travel to faraway places or promote your vision will arise.  It’s time to come out of hiding and step into the spotlight!  You can expect much personal growth during this wonderful expansionary cycle.  Aim high and shoot for the stars!Related image

©2023  Diane Elizabeth Clarke