Feeling a need to transcend the everyday realities?  Overdue for a physical, emotional or spiritual tune-up?  The Sun is now in PISCES,  illuminating the need for retreat, introspection & healing. Take some time out from your daily routine, turn your attention inward and listen closely to the wisdom of your inner mystic — meditate, contemplate and allow your imagination to soar to new heights.   Lift your vibration to a higher level!

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You may want to sing, dance, paint, draw, write poetry or play an instrument.  Allow your Dionysian side to come out of hiding — let music, essential oils or exotic substances transport you to states of ecstasy.  Surrender to your higher self and elevate your mood & your spirits!  Be forgiving and compassionate with yourself and others.

Pay close attention to your dreams, as they may be particularly revealing this month.  Consult your favorite oracles for insights and guidance: pull out the Tarot cards, the Runes or your pendulum — or visit a psychic or intuitive counselor. Tune in to your fantasies and visualize your life just the way you want it to be.

Since Neptune—ruling planet of PISCES—is also now in PISCES, this solar month could be an especially spacey one. The escape urge—the dark side of the PISCES nature—will be much stronger than usual. It can take on many forms, such as wallowing in alcohol, drugs, food, illness, overwork, self-pity, submersion into others’ problems, or being glued to the TV.  Chaos, confusion, self-deception, masochism, paranoia or delusions can run rampant unless held in check.  Do everything you can to channel this energy in a healthy, life-affirming way — keep your grip on reality, practice mindfulness and take the high road!

This solar month begins with a challenging square between Venus (in AQUARIUS) and Mars (in TAURUS) on February 19.  Social and romantic relationships may run into a bump or two, possibly over power & control issues.  It may boil down to whether you would prefer to be right — or to  be happy.  We are just emerging from the abrasive, confrontational energy of the past AQUARIAN month, and now’s the time to let go of any attitudes and actions that no longer serve you.   Make love, not war!!Image result for heartAfter being in retrograde for the past three weeks, Mercury finally turns direct on the evening of February 20hallelujah!  It’s been a wild, jerky ride (especially since it’s been in AQUARIUS); many have experienced unexpected weather incidents, power outages,  technical problems, computer glitches or upsetting interactions.  Life will be running more smoothly (at least, as smoothly as it can in unpredictable AQUARIUS) from now on; think outside the box and look for new wrinkles!  You can feel free to move forward with your plans, sign contracts or purchase that car, computer or phone you’ve been lusting after.  The energizing Mars-Pluto trine, on February 24, will provide a powerful impetus for initiating new hobbies, projects or business ventures.  Go for the gusto!

Venus moves on to PISCES on February 25, joining both the Sun and Neptune You can look forward to more sweetness & light!  Social activity could revolve around music events, spiritual groups or volunteer organizations; friendships can be made through the gym, yoga & meditation classes and health-oriented activities (or even walking the dog).  At the same time, the electric Sun-Uranus sextile can bring some magical moments in home & family situations.  Change things up and add a little sparkle to your domestic scene.

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A clarifying light will be shed on whatever needs to be healed, fixed or resolved as the Full Moon in PISCES/VIRGO comes to a head on February 27 at 12:17 am.  This would be a good weekend to take it easy and enjoy a personal retreat if possible; stay clear of toxic individuals or situations. If work or health challenges interfere with your plans, just roll with the punches and go with the flow. . .

Along with your spiritual, mental & emotional health, your physical health is of primary importance this month.  PISCES is associated with the feet, the pineal gland and the lymphatic system, making this month an ideal time for a detox, cleanse or fast.  Visit the ocean or hot springs, take a spa day, treat yourself to an herbal wrap, steam, sauna, massage or foot reflexology treatment.  A long soak in an epsom salt bath could dissolve away any knots, tension or stress.

Boost your immune system with vitamins, supplements, minerals, aromatherapy oils, homeopathics & flower essences; exercise, do yoga stretches, catch up on your sleep and drink lots of water. Related imageIt might be a good time to see your doctor, clear up any health issues, or just have a good cry.  Hugging a beloved pet could be especially helpful!  This would also be a good time to get your pet to the vet for a wellness checkup, or donate to an animal rights group.  Be on the alert for a way to help someone less fortunate than yourself.

The sparkling Venus-Uranus sextile could stimulate some unexpected gatherings, serendipitous meetings or romantic surprises around March 3.  That very evening, Mars finishes up its 2-month transit of home-loving TAURUS and moves on to restless GEMINI.  For the next 7 weeks, you’ll feel a strong urge to get back into circulation, nose around, catch up with communications, exchange ideas & information, take classes, connect with relatives & neighbors and get back on the road again.  It’s the time to lighten up and loosen up — variety is the spice of life!  Since GEMINI is associated with distribution, it likely that the vaccines will be able to get out to many more individuals from this point on.  The expansive Mercury-Jupiter conjunction, on March 4, will add an enthusiastic spirit of adventure to the mix.  Take advantage of any opportunities for travel, education, writing, sports or promotional activities.  Image result for fishYou may have noticed some extra tensions in the air over the past week as the Sun-Lunar Node square (aka “Moon Wobble”) has been building up to its peak on March 5.  This aspect symbolizes a 2-week period of  collective instability that occurs every 3 months — a time where you don’t want to make rash, impulsive decisions.  Things will seem less intense in another week, but meanwhile, do your best to not get carried away with crazy ideas or drastic actions.   The Venus-Lunar Node square, on March 9, could stir up some wobbly situations in relationships & social interactions, so make an effort to stay in peace, harmony & balance with those in your energy field.

The spacey Sun-Neptune conjunction, on March 10, could lift you up to sublime spiritual heights, stimulate vivid dreams or bring about a major healing on some level.  You may feel unusually compassionate, sensitive and psychic.  At the same time, it’s possible that you could be susceptible to some treacherous undercurrents, fishy opportunities, misunderstandings, disillusionment, chaos or confusion.  Be especially wary of any deal that looks too good to be true—things are not as they may seem, so don’t let the wool be pulled over your eyes.  Stay conscious and set clear boundaries.  When it comes to health care, you could be subject to misdiagnosis or mixed-up lab results during this time — get a second opinion and double-check paperwork!

The New Moon in PISCES falls on March 13 at 2:21 am PST — let the healing begin!  Since the sign PISCES is associated with empathy, charity, devotion & sacrifice, the light will shine on minorities, immigrants, refugees, victims of abuse, lost souls and helpless creatures.  There may be a resurgence of interest in helping the “Dreamers,” dealing with the opioid crisis and cleaning up the oceans.  Contribute whatever you can to improving the lives of those who are suffering, but avoid taking on their pain in the process.   As Joseph Campbell says, “We cannot cure the world of sorrows, but we can choose to live in joy.”

The mystical Venus-Neptune conjunction accompanies the New Moon on the 13th — may your dreams come true!  You’ll want to keep your feet planted firmly on the ground, however, as this can also be a time of shattered illusions.  Seek the highest good for yourself and others.  (Remember to set your clocks ahead before bedtime — Daylight Savings Time begins at 2 am on March 14).

Image result for pisces symbolYou can expect a subtle, yet significant, energy shift once Mercury joins the Sun, Venus & Neptune in PISCES on March 15.  There will likely be increased moisture in the air in the upcoming week since the majority of planets will be in water signs; be prepared for rainy, snowy, foggy or overcast days. Half of the planets will now be in mutable signs, allowing for increased flexibility, adaptability, mobility and free-flowing inspiration.

Some exciting projects could get off the ground with the enterprising Sun-Pluto sextile (on March 16), and the playful Venus-Pluto sextile (on March 18) will stir up lively social activities and dynamic new relationships as the PISCES theme comes to a close.  Utilize this month to heal body, mind & spirit, rinse off the residues of winter — and prepare for a new season of revitalization and rebirth.  Spring is just around the corner!!!   Image result for fish

PS:  HAPPY BIRTHDAY & SOLAR RETURN to my compassionate, caring PISCES friends!!


©2021  Diane Elizabeth Clarke