Cheers!!  The holiday season has officially begun, now that the Sun is in the sign SAGITTARIUS!  A spirit of hope, generosity & adventure is in the air — we’re all ready for some positive, uplifting energy (and a respite from the contentiousness of the previous SCORPIO month).  Educational, religious, philosophical & philanthropic ideals will be illuminated during this solar month — speak your truth, renew your faith and practice what you preach. . .

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It’s a month ahead for counting your blessings, giving thanks for the good in your life and sharing your abundance.  Let the gratitude flow!  SAGITTARIUS is associated with knowledge, inspiration, international affairs, long-distance communications, marketing and sports.  You’ll likely feel fired up to extend your vistas, explore new viewpoints or catch up on your reading.  This is a time for connecting, communicating and celebrating with friends & family — deep, meaningful conversations will be enriching your life.  Look for  healthy & sound ways to celebrate the joys of the season.

Jovial SAGITTARIUS (ruled by Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system) is infamous for excess and extravagance – no wonder we tend to overindulge during this month!   Considering that Jupiter is currently in frugal, cautious CAPRICORN, it might be easier than Image result for jupiterusual to hold yourself back from running off in all directions, promising more than you can deliver or spending more than you can afford.  Use your credit cards responsibly!  Jupiter is now in its last month of a year-long transit in CAPRICORN (since December 2, ’19). It has certainly been a year marked by government shenanigans, restrictions, limitations, obstacles, delays, deaths & disappointments — but this is all about to change once Jupiter moves on to AQUARIUS on December 19.   There is LIGHT at the end of the tunnel! Image result for light bulb clip art

Along with the Sun’s entrance into SAGITTARIUS, Venus  leaves LIBRA and moves on to SCORPIO on November 21.  No more procrastinating — it’s time to join up with others of like-mind to achieve your personal & professional goals.  Much can be accomplished in the weeks ahead by aligning with those who share similar ideals, interests & intentions.  It’s appropriate that the (virtual) G20 summit of the world’s most powerful leaders has opened on this very day.  Mercury—also in SCORPIO—trines Neptune on November 23; with creative imagination and clear objectives, you could turn some fantasies into realities.  A healing vibration is in the air; music, dance, meditation, essential oils, herbal remedies & water therapy could be especially helpful.  Pay special attention to your dreams around this time, as they could reveal some deep psychological insights.

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This will certainly be a different Thanksgiving holiday for most of us this year, due to the wildly-surging pandemic.  The need to stay safe & healthy, especially with regards to socializing, shopping & traveling, will have us carving out new traditions.  The stimulating Mercury-Pluto sextile on November 27 suggests taking a creative, fun-loving approach to family connectivity, while the unpredictable Venus-Uranus opposition, on the same day, could bring some surprises, changes of plans or unusual social interactions.  Those who have been resisting Zoom and other communication technologies may finally be ready to embrace them!

Mystical Neptune turns direct in PISCES (after a 5-month retrograde) on November 28, opening the doors for kindness, compassion & charity.  You could find much satisfaction in contributing to worthy causes and being of service to those less fortunate than  yourself; it could be a good time to adopt a new pet.  Be kind to yourself, too — make healthy choices.   At the same time, sing, dance and let your spirit soar ‒ let music fill your soul!  The Mercury-Jupiter sextile, also on the 28th, could be a great time for enjoying sports, outdoor activities, making holiday purchases and getting in touch with friends & family members.

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It could be an especially hectic weekend as the Full Moon (and Lunar Eclipse) in SAGITTARIUS & GEMINI drives to its peak on November 30 at 1:30 am PST.  This Full Moon is always preceded by a whirlwind of frenzied activity & interaction, so do what you can to avoid feeling overwhelmed or overextended.  Avoid traveling if you can (particularly on the 29th); transportation issues could arise, so allow extra time to avoid potential traffic jams or airport lines.  Keep your communications clear (and your phone charged), and be especially alert & sober when on the road.

The news & social media will be working overtime now, as there is always a lot to talk about with this particular Full Moon.  Some significant truths will out!  Take some deep breaths, don’t take yourself too seriously and maintain your sense of humor — laughter will be the best medicine!  The Mercury-Saturn sextile, also on the 30th, will support a grounded, practical approach to things, as well as help ease you back into the normal week routines.  It also happens to be Cyber Monday, the perfect day for catching great bargains online. A philosophical, optimistic & adventurous perspective initiates the month of December, as Mercury completes its long transit of SCORPIO and then joins the Sun in SAGITTARIUS on December 1.  Your thoughts will turn to sending off holiday cards & packages, and you may be inspired to warm up your home with cheery lights & decorations to brighten up the long, dark evenings ahead.  From a political point-of-view, since both the Sun & Mercury (Trump’s two ruling planets) have left SCORPIO and are now in SAGITTARIUS, it’s to be hoped that he will finally be able to get off the warpath and face the truth of the election results.  The country—and the rest of us—need to move forward!

Be open to experiences that elevate your spirits and warm your heart as the compassionate Venus-Neptune trine builds up on December 5; join up with those who share similar ideals, provide a helping hand to someone in need, enjoy a concert or watch a touching movie.  The rest of the weekend could be a bit iffy, with the inharmonious Venus-Mars inconjunct, late on the 5th, and the erratic Mercury-Uranus inconjunct on December 6.  Things will feel a bit out of whack.  You’ll want to steer clear of toxic people or unhealthy situations as the spacey Sun-Neptune square comes to a head on the 9th; stay conscious, don’t believe everything you hear, strengthen your immune system, keep hydrated and get your sleep.

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The joyful Venus-Pluto sextile, along with the energizing Sun-Mars trine, will brighten up Hanukkah celebrations on December 10.  You could connect with some stimulating new individuals, as well as attract some exciting opportunities into your life around this time.  December 11 marks the peak of Moon Wobble, a 2-week cycle of instability based upon the Sun-South Node conjunction.  This is a time to control your impulses and put off any important decisions for at least the next few days; all the facts aren’t in yet.  Adding to this is the potential chaos & confusion of the Mercury-Neptune square on December 13, along with the draining Mercury-South Node conjunction on the 14th — hold your horses!

Since SAGITTARIUS is a mutable fire sign, enthusiasm can easily overtake good judgment, encourage recklessness and lead you down the merry path.   This fiery energy can quickly get out of hand, so be watchful for wildfires, don’t pass on unverified information — and believe our public health officials when they warn us that transmission rates of the coronavirus could accelerate exponentially this month.  SAGITTARIUS tends to do things in a big way — and naturally spreads itself far & wide.   Take special precautions!!

The New Moon (and Solar Eclipse) in SAGITTARIUS will be galloping along  on December 14 at 8:17 am PST.  Kick up your heels, stretch your legs and expand your mind; listen to your inner truth and speak what’s in your heart!  With both the expansive Venus-Jupiter sextile and the mentally-stimulating Mercury-Mars trine, also on the 14th, you could find this a good time to re-examine your belief systems and strive for truth, understanding and tolerance.  Political machinations, global health, foreign policy, international trade, immigration, foreign policy, sports, higher education, religion and ethics will likely be the hot topics.  It also happens to be the day that the states’ electors certify their final votes for the next U.S. president.  Onward & upward!

Venus finishes its transit of SCORPIO and joins the Sun & Mercury in SAGITTARIUS on December 15, encouraging more laughter and lightheartedness, along with an increased capacity for pleasure.   As the old adage goes: “Live well, laugh often, love much!”  You could be exploring customs, traditions & belief systems from other countries,  connecting with friends from far-away places and making contact with more foreigners than usual.Related imageSome potent planetary shifts are going to shake up the status quo this month, as Saturn finally end its long sojourn in CAPRICORN and begins its new 2½ year cycle in AQUARIUS on December 16 (it had already been there earlier this year, from March 21—July 1).  On December 19, Jupiter also joins Saturn in AQUARIUS for the upcoming year.  This represents an abrupt change of pace and a huge shift in lifestyle & attitude — from restriction to freedom,  from closed-mindedness to enlightened thinking,  and from a “me” to a “we” consciousness.  The furthering of social justice, racial & gender equality and progressive ideas is definitely in our near future.

The illuminating Sun-Mercury conjunction, also on December 19, will bring more clarity to the situation. This could be when the vaccines are approved for distribution;  AQUARIAN in nature, they will bring the first glimmer of hope of getting our lives back to some semblance of normalcy  (although the world will never be the same again).  CHANGE is inevitable!  Mercury moves on to CAPRICORN on December 20, adding a serious note and steadying things a bit.  However, the topsy-turvy Venus-Uranus inconjunct, also on the 20th, could bring changes in plans, interruptions or upsets.  As this solar month ends, we are certainly challenged to stay flexible & alert!

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Sneak preview:  The Great Conjunction of Jupiter & Saturn on December 21 marks the beginning of a transformational 20-year cycle; the last conjunction was in the year 2000.  This rare line-up of the two largest planets in our solar system (closer than they’ve been in 400 years!) represents the start of a new era.  This potent conjunction (at 0“ AQUARIUS) is destined to shake things up, globally as well as individually, and will move us in a significantly new direction.  Along with the concepts of humanitarianism and brotherhood, the sign AQUARIUS is associated with discoveries, inventions, technological advances, robotics and spiritual awakening.  It also relates to revolution, reactivity and growth through confrontation.   More on this in next month’s report. . .Image result for jupiter

Fall is coming to an end as we prepare for the Winter Solstice (on December 21), so make good use of this expansive SAGITTARIUS month — think big, aim your sights high and shoot for the stars!  Best wishes to you and your loved ones for a SAFE, HEALTHY & HAPPY holiday season!!

PS.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY & SOLAR RETURN to my SAGITTARIUS friends! Image result for christmas holly


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