Cheers — it’s time to eat, drink and be merry!  The Sun is now in SAGITTARIUS and the holiday season is officially underway.  Kick up your heels and let the good times roll! Following the storms & challenges of the past SCORPIO month, we are definitely ready for an attitude adjustment!  Now’s the time for connecting, communicating and celebrating with friends & family — ’tis the season to be jolly!  A spirit of hope, optimism and generosity is in the air – it’s the month for counting your blessings, giving thanks for the positive things in your life — and sharing the abundance.  Let the gratitude flow!

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A mutable fire sign, SAGITTARIUS is associated with truth, inspiration, faith, wisdom and knowledge.  Educational, religious, spiritual and philanthropic ideals will be illuminated during this solar month (along with the sparkling holiday lights & decorations).  Speak from your heart, practice what you preach and utilize the power of positive thinking to your advantage!

Hopeful thoughts and prayers for peace will encircle the earth, as this sign is aligned with global consciousness, international affairs and foreign cultures.  Related imageSince travel & adventure are SAGITTARIAN concepts, you may feel fired up to extend your horizons, explore new viewpoints and hop off to some faraway places ‒ stretch your legs and expand your mind.  The world is your playground!

Jovial SAGITTARIUS (ruled by Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system) is infamous for excess and extravagance – no wonder we tend to overindulge during this month!  Since Jupiter is in its own sign—SAGITTARIUS—as this solar month begins, you will want to consciously rein yourself in from going overboard, promising more than you can deliver or biting off more than you can chew.

Since Jupiter began its 13-month cycle in SAGITTARIUS (on November 8, ‘18), we’ve been overwhelmed with destructive wildfires, extreme weather events, worldwide conflicts & uprisings and non-stop political rhetoric.  There have been many mixed messages over this past year, particularly since Jupiter (truth) has been squaring Neptune (illusion).  It’s been a real challenge to  figure out who or what to believe!Image result for jupiter

On December 2, Jupiter moves on to practical CAPRICORN, interjecting a note of realism into the mix.  A more sober, sensible cycle will be initiated from here on out.  While it may temper some of the holiday exuberance, it will likely lead to more responsible decisions regarding purchases, food & alcohol.  Think twice before spending too much or overloading your credit card. Government affairs, business matters, joint finances, taxes, insurance and legal issues will be requiring conscientious, disciplined efforts as the upcoming year unfolds.  You may find it helpful to review what was going on in your life when this same cycle was in effect 12 years ago (December 12, ’07January 5, ’09).

The exuberant Venus-Jupiter conjunction (November 24) brings a social sparkle to the first weekend of this solar month! However, some erratic energies could ramp up with the unpredictable Mars-Uranus opposition, also on the 24th; stay alert, Image result for lightning boltbe careful with electricity & mechanical objects and avoid confrontations & dicey situations.  Power outages, lightning storms or computer glitches could also occur, especially with the edgy Sun-Uranus inconjunct on November 25Venus leaves SAGITTARIUS and enters CAPRICORN, also on the 25th; you’ll feel a need to take care of business, catch up with old friends and honor your elders.  

The New Moon in SAGITTARIUS (on November 26 at 7:06 am PST) gets the holidays off to a vibrant start!  It will seem that everybody is blowing & going from this point on, as many of you will be traveling far & wide to be with loved ones.  Mystical Neptune (in PISCES, its own sign) turns direct—after a 5-month retrograde cycle—on November 27, clearing up any confusion and stimulating a more charitable outlook.

The uplifting Mercury-Neptune trine and the scintillating Venus-Uranus trine on November 28 will bring high spirits to Thanksgiving Day gatherings; you’ll enjoy sharing good humor, stories, opinions, sports, food & drink with compatible souls. The earthy Mercury-Saturn sextile, on November 29 (also known as Black Friday) suggests the perfect time for shopping & catching great bargains, spending quality time with family and being productive around the house.Image result for thanksgiving imagesAlong with Jupiter’s entry into CAPRICORN, the Venus-South Lunar Node conjunction on December 2 could require some time-out from the social swirl to tend to your responsibilities (and take advantage of Cyber Monday deals).  With 4 out of 10 planets now in CAPRICORN—and half of them in earth signs—it’s time for a major reality check! The energetic Mercury-Pluto sextile, later on the 2nd, could motivate you get a project off the ground, make plans for future activities and get those cards & packages in the mail.  Some successful connections & alignments could be inspired by the sexy Venus-Mars sextile on the 3rd!

Stay conscious & clear-headed on December 7 as the spacey Sun-Neptune square builds up; it would be wise to chill out and get a good night’s sleep instead of going out carousing!  The uplifting Venus-Neptune sextile (December 8) would be a great day for an intimate gathering, music event, spiritual renewal or healing experience. Mercury leaves SCORPIO and joins the Sun in SAGITTARIUS on December 9, encouraging more laughter & lightheartedness. Take advantage of marketing & networking activities, join a gym, sign up for winter classes or initiate a writing project.  Call your friends and say hello!

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Much light will be shed on things as the hectic Full Moon in SAGITTARIUS/GEMINI peaks on December 11 (at 9:12 pm PST); there will lots to talk about amidst a whirlwind of activity — avoid getting overloaded, overextended or over-stressed.  Be prepared for traffic snarls and transportation complications.  You’ll want to take some deep breaths, maintain your sense of humor and keep your eyes on the road, especially with the capricious Mercury-Uranus inconjunct occurring at the same time.  You could experience some disappointment, depression or loss of a loved one due to the heavy Venus-Saturn conjunction, which also falls on the 11th.  Keep your heart open, be gentle with yourself and know that this, too, will pass.

Holiday parties, theater & musical events will be in full swing by the weekend of December 13; the Mars-Neptune trine and the Venus-Pluto conjunction could stir up some exciting new friendships & activities.  An electrical, magical energy will be in the air with the expansive Jupiter-Uranus trine on the 15th — be open to new perspectives and brilliant insights!  Some important discoveries, advancements or progressive ideas could emerge at this time.

Sagittarius vector Zodiac sign bright stars in cosmos.Utilize the grounding power of the Mars-Saturn sextile to counter-balance the dreamy Mercury-Neptune square on December 19.  Visualize what you’d like to see happen — and let it manifest!  Venus leaves serious CAPRICORN that evening and moves on to spontaneous AQUARIUS – lighten up and let go of any heaviness you’ve been carrying around.  Seek out unusual individuals, explore alternative approaches and do things differently!

Fall is coming to an end as we prepare for the Winter Solstice (on the evening of December 21), so make good use of this expansive SAGITTARIUS month — think big, aim your sights high and shoot for the stars!  From my home to yours, here’s wishing you and your loved ones a joyful & meaningful holiday season ahead!Image result for christmas holly



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