Passion, power and politics rule these days!  The Sun is now in SCORPIO — the sign associated with leadership, competition, ambition & achievement.  Now is the time to stop procrastinating and channel this potent energy into purposeful action. The force is with you to concentrate on personal & professional goals, take on new challenges — and manifest your deepest desires.   Go for the gusto!Related image

Penetrate beneath the surface of your life and re-examine your priorities.  Because SCORPIO is a fixed, water sign, you’ll want to confront any submerged feelings, resentments, jealousies or judgments that may be causing stagnation and holding you back.  Avoid sarcasm, intimidation and one-upmanship games; make a choice to identify with the eagle instead of the scorpion.  Re-evaluate your loyalties, protect your privacy and reclaim your personal power!

Since crisis, conflict and control issues are also SCORPIO concepts, the responsible use of power & leadership is the ultimate objective of this month.  Regardless of what is going on in the outer world, you have the capacity to assume greater control of your inner world, transmute fear into faith and direct any anger into constructive activity.  The challenge here is to actualize, rather than manipulate – so, take the high road, strive for win/win outcomes and be open to peak experiences!

We’re under the topsy-turvy influence of a cosmic fixed cross (involving the Sun, Uranus & Lunar Nodes) as this solar month begins!  The unpredictable Sun/Uranus opposition on October 23 could be marked by sudden changes, shocks, estrangements or interruptions, along with electrical storms, power outages or computer glitches.   The urge for freedom of expression can lead to controversy or confrontation, as well as inventions, ah-ha moments and unusual circumstances.  Stay detached, expect the unexpected and be open to miracles, especially with SCORPIO’s ruling planet, Mars, in spontaneous AQUARIUS (which is ruled by Uranus).  A spirit of change, disruption & uncertainty is in the air, which can make way for major breakthroughs and insights.

The potent Full Moon in SCORPIO/TAURUS follows on October 24 at 9:45 am PDT, whatever has been brewing will come to a full boil! This is a time when personal crises, power struggles, vindictiveness or jealousy can erupt; issues involving territorial boundaries, competition & sexuality could surface.  The challenge here is to strike a balance between your public and private worlds; claim your sovereignty, and at the same time, provide support & comfort to loved ones.  Stand firm, be vigilant and stay away from potentially threatening situations, people & places — like an eagle, rise above it all!

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Moon Wobble — a 2-week period of instability due to the square between the Sun and the Lunar Nodes peaks on the same day.  Avoid making rash, impulsive decisions during this cycle, as it’s the time to lay low and think things through before gearing up for action.  The steady Venus/Saturn sextile, also on the 24th, can provide a much-needed counterbalance to the volatile energies afoot!  Some old friends could re-enter your life now.

Things will begin to calm down and mellow out as the weekend arrives.  Social interactions could be especially sweet with the harmonious Sun/Venus conjunction on October 26, and much could be accomplished as the grounding Sun/Saturn sextile manifests on October 27.  You could be exposed to some powerful, inspirational ideas or knowledge with the uplifting Mercury/Jupiter conjunction on the 29th – set some travel or educational plans in motion!Although the Sun, Mercury, Venus & Jupiter are all in SCORPIO in the first week of this solar month, this goal-oriented, fixed energy will start to ease up after October 30 as Mercury moves on to SAGITTARIUS.  A spirit of adventure will accompany this Mercury transit, along with a more optimistic, expansive & forward-looking perspective.  Venus, still in retrograde, ends its time in SCORPIO with the edgy Venus/Lunar Node square, also on the 30th, and the disruptive Venus/Uranus opposition on the 31st.  This second fixed cross could inspire bizarre social interactions and outlandish behaviors & costumes — HAPPY HALLOWEEN!  Later in the day on October 31, Venus will re-enter LIBRA – join forces with those of like mind and share some pleasurable activities with loved ones over the upcoming month.  Let there be peace on earth!

Get a good night’s sleep before the mid-term elections with the healing Sun/Neptune trine — you’ll need this to prepare for the craziness that will erupt on Election Day!  On November 6, the unpredictable Uranus/Lunar Node T-square will be immediately followed by Uranus’ transition from TAURUS back into ARIES (should bring in lots of new faces).  The same day, the North Lunar Node (symbolizing prevailing social trends) completes its 18-month cycle in LEO and moves on to CANCER (and many of those new faces will be women)!  The feminine, nurturing aspects of life will come to the forefront during the upcoming year and a half.  These significant planetary shifts symbolize a major turning point and a new era in politics and social discourse; how ironic that they all happen to converge on the most competitive day of the year!

Image result for eagle imagesUtilize the power of the New Moon in SCORPIO (on November 7 at 9:02 am PST) to propel you to new heights — set your intentions clearly!  The will-power, determination and courage for developing successful strategies are available to you now.  Stay on top of things, allow the force to move through you — and get your ego out of the way.  The Jupiter/Uranus inconjunct, on the same day, suggests that some big adjustments in outlook & attitude will be required in the month ahead.  With so many Uranus aspects now in force, it’s clear that we are ready to see the world through new eyes!

The redefinition of the power dynamic between men & women has been the dominant theme of this past year.  A global conversation on sexual assault & harassment was sparked by the #MeToo movement just as Jupiter entered SCORPIO in mid-October ’17.  Hopefully, we got the message of this cycle and will continue to develop more equable, healthy and respectful behavioral patterns between the sexes — personally and in the workplace.   Image result for venus mars symbolOn November 8, Jupiter leaves SCORPIO and begins a new 13-month cycle in its own sign, SAGITTARIUS — the sign associated with truth, knowledge, education, international trade, immigration, philosophy & religion, publishing, sports and global affairs.  It’s time to open our minds, expand our understanding and stretch our legs!  Review what was going on in your life the last time Jupiter journeyed through SAGITTARIUS (November 24, ’06 to December 18, ’07) for insights into how this new cycle could impact you.

The sparkling Venus/Mars trine (November 9), the creative Sun/Pluto sextile (November 11) and the electric Mars/Uranus sextile (November 15) will stir up lots of lively energy.  On November 15, Mars leaves quirky AQUARIUS and enters compassionate PISCES, where it will stay until the end of the year.  Utilize this transit to tend to your body’s needs for healthy habits, exercise, rest and spiritual growth.  Sing, dance, write poetry, play music, hug a pet or take some meditative time-out.  Channel any escapist tendencies into productive outlets and be  service to others less fortunate than yourself. On November 16, Venus will turn direct (after a 6-week retrograde) – and on the same day, Mercury will begin its 3-week retrograde.  Make time to review, repair, edit and check in with your belief systems (but hold off buying a car, computer or electronic equipment).  You may feel that you’ve been burning the candle at both ends, due to the high-stress Mars/Jupiter square that peaks on November 19.  Slow down, take some deep breaths and control your energy output.  Because of the capricious Sun/Uranus inconjunct on November 21, be prepared for some last-minute changes in plans or unforeseen events as you get ready for the Thanksgiving holiday.  Take the high road and strive for self-control, long-term accomplishments and personal mastery.  Power up!  


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