COSMIC WEATHER REPORT Capricorn: 12/21/17 – 1/19/18

Winter is officially here!  It’s time to chill out, warm up and snuggle in with family & friends!  You’ll want to slow down, regroup and get back to the basics.  The Sun’s entrance into CAPRICORN on December 21 marks the beginning of the new season, the Winter Solstice, and the shortest day of the year.  From this point on, we’ll be getting more daylight hours, as the planetary weather pattern has now shifted (the Sun, appearing to have reversed directions, is now headed northward).  That’s worth celebrating!

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Since the beginnings of civilization, the ”return of the light” has been a time for celebrating the sacred, as well as the secular.  Religious traditions, ancestral customs and family ties are honored and renewed.  A cardinal, earth sign, CAPRICORN is associated with form, structure, the status quo, reputation, rank, ambition, process, habits, government, bureaucracy, rules & regulations, contracts, joint finances, other people’s money, insurance, death & taxes.  The permanent structures of our physical bodies — the skeleton, spinal column, back, knees and teeth, along with hair and skin — are all assigned to CAPRICORN.

During the past SAGITTARIUS month (“eat, drink & be merry”), we stretched out our pocketbooks & our waistlines; now we need to tighten our belts and conserve our energies.  Sobriety is in, excess is out!  The challenge now is to re-establish normal routines, shed those extra pounds and make a reality check of your current lifestyle.  The major emphasis is on discipline, patience, integrity, respect, responsibility, parental & financial obligations and long-term commitments.

The focus of the CAPRICORN month is on taking care of business ‒ put your financial affairs in manageable condition, prepare for taxes, review insurance coverage, reduce debts, handle any legal issues or deal with city hall.  Lighten your load by cleaning out the closets and recycling outworn possessions; at the same time, you could pick up some major bargains at garage sales & department store clearances – ‘tis the season to be frugal!

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This solar month previews what’s in store for the year ahead ‒ and beyond.  Saturn entered CAPRICORN (its own sign) on 12/19/17 ‒ initiating a significant, long-term planetary shift!  After spending 3 years in expansive & blustery SAGITTARIUS, Saturn’s new 3-year cycle in traditional & conservative CAPRICORN will now require us to be more practical, economical and realistic in the way we manage our lives.  How ironic is it that the GOP tax overhaul act (one that primarily benefits the corporations, banks, businesses and wealthier Americans) was pushed through within hours of Saturn going into CAPRICORN?

As this new 3-year cycle unfolds, the emphasis will be on accountability, downsizing, reducing, restructuring and stabilizing.  With patience, self-discipline and conscientious effort, you’ll be able to manifest your ideas and set your plans into motion.  The sober Sun/Saturn conjunction on December 21 sets the stage for the upcoming month, so instead of taking yourself too seriously or getting caught up in negative thinking, make a realistic assessment of what needs to be done and pour yourself into constructive endeavors.Image result for saturn planetThe optimism of Mercury in SAGITTARIUS will brighten the mood, stimulate laughter and balance out the heaviness of the CAPRICORN energy, especially once it turns direct on December 22.  Hallelujah ‒ the Mercury retrograde is finally over!  Now you can move forward with your personal & business plans and purchases (particularly cars, computers or electronics).  Curb a tendency, however, to overindulge, overdo or overspend, due to the excessive Jupiter/Lunar Node square which peaks on Christmas Eve.

Venus starts off the month in SAGITTARIUS, but soon moves on to CAPRICORN late on December 24, joining Saturn on Christmas Day.  A Venus/Saturn conjunction can signify a time for reminiscing and sharing meaningful, memorable visits with family and old friends, or it can be a time of social loneliness, depression or loss.  Make it a point to provide emotional or financial support to those who have lost loved ones, are alone or in need.

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Utilize the uplifting energy of the Mars/Neptune trine, on the 27th, to take in a movie or music event, go the spa, see a health practitioner or get a reading.  New Year’s Eve could be a wild one this year, as the emotionally-intense Full Moon in CAPRICORN & CANCER comes to a head on January 1 at 6:24 pm. HAPPY NEW YEAR! Auspiciously, this also happens to be a SUPERMOON (a rare Full Moon which takes place when the Moon is closest to Earth in its monthly orbit) – hold your appetites in check and make healthy choices!  Channel any excess energy or anger into positive outlets prior to January 2, as the Mars/Lunar Node square can stir up tensions & power struggles.  On the same day, Uranus finishes its 5-month retrograde and turns direct, joined by the healing Sun/Neptune sextile and followed by the mystical Venus/Neptune sextile on January 3 and the enlightening Mercury/Uranus trine on January 6 ‒ let the magic begin! 2018 is getting off to a lively start, especially as the highly-energized Mars/Jupiter conjunction in SCORPIO brings things to a full boil on January 6.  War, guns, power & sexuality will be the hot topics.  Utilize this potent aspect to make your New Year’s resolutions – set clear, obtainable goals!  Between January 8 & 9, the powerful conjunctions between the Sun, Venus & Pluto (and their sextiles to the Mars/Jupiter conjunction) can provide the impetus to get some major projects or business enterprises off the ground.   Once Mercury joins the Sun, Venus, Saturn & Pluto in CAPRICORN on January 10, you’ll have the basic tools for turning your dreams into realities!

Allow the edgy Venus/Uranus square (January 13) and the unpredictable Sun/Uranus square (January 14) to bring in a different perspective and freedom from any self-imposed limitations. Keep your plans loose and be prepared for changes and surprises! The New Moon in CAPRICORN on January 16 at 6:17 pm will nudge you to establish your priorities, cement your intentions and solidify your commitments.  Turn your inner mountain goat loose to scale the heights – the force is with you!  Venus breaks out of the pack on January 17 and moves on to freewheeling AQUARIUS, followed by the Sun on January 19.  And with the Mercury/Neptune sextile on the same day, any log jams will begin to dissolve and break apart; significant changes are on the horizon!

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May you have a loving Solstice, Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwanzaa ‒ and a happy, healthy and productive New Year!! 


©2017  Diane Elizabeth Clarke