It’s time to power up!  With the Sun now in SCORPIO, life is intensifying and emotions are simmering. The force is with you to manifest your dreams and achieve your deepest desires! A fixed water sign, SCORPIO is associated with leadership, ambition and success.  Stop procrastinating and channel this potent energy into purposeful action!  Establish personal & professional goals, be decisive and determined — and assume greater control over your own life.  Power, passion and peak experiences rule!

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Considering that analytical Mercury is in SCORPIO as this month begins, you’ll want to get clear on your personal priorities & objectives. Penetrate beneath the surface and confront any submerged feelings, resentments, jealousies or judgments that could be causing stagnation and keeping you from moving forward. Avoid sarcasm, intimidation and one-upmanship games. And although you may encounter some powerful resistance to changing things up, do it anyway!

Crisis, conflict, competition and control issues are also associated with SCORPIO.  If this powerful force is not channeled constructively, it can spill off into highly destructive pathways.  Therefore, the responsible use of power is the ultimate goal of this month!  The challenge here is to actualize, rather than to manipulate — strive for win/win outcomes in your personal & professional interactions.  Make a choice to identify with the eagle instead of the scorpion!  Stay on top of things, allow the force to flow through you — and get your ego out of the way.  Regardless of what is going on in the outer world, know that you have the capacity to take charge of your inner world, transmute fear into faith and direct anger into positive action.Image result for scorpionsThe will-power, determination & courage necessary for tackling major challenges is available to you now, starting with the expansive Sun/Jupiter conjunction on October 26.  Aim high and shoot for the stars!  With Jupiter now in SCORPIO for the next 13 months, we’ll be experiencing the power dynamic on steroids!  You may find it helpful to review what was going on in your life when this same cycle was in effect 12 years ago (10/25/0511/23/06).

Hopefully, the transit of Jupiter in SCORPIO will inspire & develop a new breed of leadership, nationally as well as globally. Women will be coming into their power all over the world.  Heated conversations about warfare, violence, gun control, racial & gender issues, LGBT rights, and sexual harassment & assault have been intensifying lately, and are likely to continue until progressive actions are taken. It’s likely that the mantra of the year will be: speak truth to power!

There will be renewed interest in hypnosis, martial arts, espionage, war history and occult studies.  Many will enthusiastically delve into the ancient mysteries of the universe. Long-held secrets will be exposed to the light!  Since SCORPIO is associated with the colon and the elimination process, there will much talk about healthy diet & nutrition: the reproductive organs are also associated with this sign, so we can expect sex education to become a more urgent issue.

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Mars (the ruler of SCORPIO) entered LIBRA the same day that the Sun went into SCORPIO (on October 22).  Its placement in the sign associated with love, peace and cooperation should soften the intensity, mellow the mood and calm down the energy.  The diplomats will be busy smoothing ruffled feathers and soothing international tensions — let’s hope cool heads will prevail.  Put some energy into creating more beauty, balance and harmony in your personal universe.  And, by joining up with like-minded individuals who share similar interests and intentions, you could realize some important objectives.

The cool, refined presence of Venus in LIBRA (through November 6) will also provide a healthy balance for the heavy emotionalism of the SCORPIO month.  Make room in your schedule for friendships & social interactions, collaborative efforts, aesthetic pleasures and cultural activities – and strive for fair play and justice for all.  Some tensions or turbulence may come up in a relationship as the star-crossed Venus/Pluto square builds to a peak on October 27; just let things unfold organically and don’t try to make things happen.  At the same time, the Mercury/Pluto sextile on the 27th could support deeper communications and stimulate creative resolution. Catch up with old friends and solidly social relationships as the Venus/Saturn sextile gathers steam on the way to the Full Moon.

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The Full Moon in SCORPIO & TAURUS, which comes to a head on November 3 at 10:23 pm PDT, may bring some long-brewing situations into full boil.  This is a time when crises, power struggles, vindictiveness, anger & jealousy can erupt – and issues involving territorial boundaries, violence and sexuality could surface.  Protect yourself, your loved ones and your home; strike a balance between your private and public life.  Strong opinions, deep passions and treacherous undercurrents are swirling around – be vigilant and stay away from potentially disruptive situations, people & places (particularly since the divisive Venus/Uranus opposition peaks on the same day).  So, like an eagle, rise above it all and direct your emotional & mental energies into positive areas.

The intensity lightens up a bit once Mercury finishes its transit of SCORPIO and moves on to SAGITTARIUS on November 5 – it’s time to focus on the bigger picture.  A positive mental attitude and a more philosophical mind-set will emerge over the next few weeks; travel, educational opportunities, international affairs & sports could stimulate much interest and enthusiasm.  Broaden your horizons and spread your wings!  Venus leaves LIBRA and joins the Sun & Jupiter in SCORPIO on November 7. This will be a good reminder to all of us that the greatest power of all is LOVE!Related imageMoon Wobble — a 2-week period of instability due to the square between the Sun and the Lunar Nodes is at its peak on November 11 (Veterans Day weekend).  Avoid making rash, impulsive decisions during this cycle, as it’s the time to lay low and think things through.  Occurring on the same day, the powerful trine between Saturn (in SAGITTARIUS) and Uranus (in ARIES) could awaken you to a grounded and more enlightened approach to dealing with old patterns.  Adding the North Node in lively LEO to the equation, we will be experiencing a grand trine in fire signs — a vibrant aspect which tends to get everybody fired up.  The enthusiasm could be contagious!

You can look forward to positive, uplifting interactions with others as the spacious Venus/Jupiter conjunction develops (November 13); this could be an excellent time to mix business with pleasure, as well as to strengthen friendships and social ties.  Be clear in spoken & written communications, however, due to the potentially chaotic Mercury/Neptune square (also on the 13th); misunderstandings and lies could cause much confusion. The sensitive Venus/Neptune trine, on November 16, brings a loving, compassionate energy to all relationships — so sing, dance, listen to music, meditate, do yoga, hug your pet or heal old wounds. Lift your vibration!

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The New Moon in SCORPIO (on November 18 at 3:42 am PST) could propel you to new heights, so set your intentions clearly, devise winning strategies, and go for what you want! Hold off on implementing your plans, however, until after the turbulent Mars/Pluto square comes to a head on November 19.  There will be a potent build-up of stress and strain in the air, so don’t force things to happen until this aspect eases up.  By the 20th, the Mars/North Node sextile will open up new possibilities, and the playful Venus/Pluto sextile on the 21st will stimulate creative activity and new relationships.  Take the high road — and strive for self-control, long-term accomplishments and personal empowerment! 

© 2017 Diane Elizabeth Clarke