Ready to relax, mellow out and smell the flowers?  Now that the Sun is in TAURUS, it’s the time of the season to ease off the accelerator pedal and regroup from the intensity & turbulence of the previous ARIES month.  Make it a point to reconnect with nature — take a drive in the country, stroll through the woods or enjoy a picnic in the park.  Hug a tree, roll around in the grass and feel the earth beneath your bare feet — get grounded and in tune with nature’s rhythms!

Snuggle up with family and loved ones, put your base of operations in solid condition and strengthen your support systems. TAURUS—a fixed earth sign—is associated with the domestic side of life: home, family, property, community, agriculture and the environment.  It’s apropos that we always celebrate Earth Day (April 22) and Mother’s Day (May 12) during this solar month.

With the nesting instinct so powerful now, you’ll be motivated to create more comfort, security, safety and stability in your personal universe.  Dig your roots a little deeper and reinforce your foundations—home is where the heart is!  This is an ideal time to build, remodel, landscape, garden, redecorate, buy furniture, install carpet, tile, wood flooring or an outdoor deck.  Image result for nature imagesYou might consider buying, selling or refinancing real estate—or making a major move.  Building contractors, interior designers, realtors, landscapers, furniture outlets, fabric stores, nurseries and home improvement stores will be doing a booming business!  Indigenous art, pottery, earthy materials and natural fibers could be particularly appealing to you now.  You may be inspired to bake bread, study voice, piano or an acoustic instrument, investigate your genealogy, consult a feng shui expert or take a class in ceramics, jewelry making, weaving, flower arranging, woodworking or beekeeping.

We’re celebrating the Easter weekend just as the Sun begins its journey through the sign TAURUS — a holiday that brings families, friends and communities together in a spirit of renewal & transformation.  Following the intense FULL MOON (at 30° ARIES & LIBRA) on April 19, the calming, grounding energy of this new cycle will be welcomed!  However, we may unable to unwind and slow down as much as we like, since Venus—the ruling planet of TAURUS—enters fiery ARIES just as this solar month starts up on April 20.  With Mercury also in ARIES, this dynamic duo will inspire lots of action, resurrect unfinished projects and activate the slower-moving TAURUS nature.  This energetic, enthusiastic & creative spirit can stimulate new friendships, lively social gatherings, business ventures, fun and games!  No plodding allowed!  Image result for lightning bolt

By April 22, the wildly-unpredictable Sun-Uranus conjunction will have reached its peak—electricity is in the air!  Interruptions, surprises, disruptions, break-ups, computer glitches, unusual experiences, changes of plans or sudden insights are likely to occur; stay spontaneous and be prepared to shift gears.

Pluto begins its 5½-month retrograde in CAPRICORN on April 24, followed by Saturn’s 4½-month retrograde (also in CAPRICORN) on April 29.  And what do these retrograde cycles suggest? It’d be wise to take this time to review your plans & actions, reassess your resources, recycle outgrown possessions, unload old baggage, clear the decks and renew yourself.  Get back to the basics and set aside time for some serious thought and re-evaluation when it comes to your commitments, obligations & responsibilities; be respectful & ethical when dealing with other people’s money.

Saturn (CAPRICORN’s planet) and the South Lunar Node will be in conjunction on April 30 — heavy duty! This can be a frustrating, draining period, possibly bringing up old karmic issues, legal difficulties, bureaucratic delays or financial concerns—personally as well as globally.  Face things realistically, particularly since Mercury is also involved (it squares Saturn and the Lunar Nodes on May 1, then squares Pluto on May 2).  Don’t take things too seriously and be patient with yourself & others—this, too, will pass!  Later on the 2nd, the Mercury-Jupiter trine will uplift the energy field and usher in a more positive mental attitude.Life begins to ease up with the NEW MOON in TAURUS on May 4 at 3:46 pm PDT; be gentle with yourself, find your comfort zone and indulge all your senses! The throat, vocal chords, cervical vertebrae, lower jaw & ears are associated with TAURUS; anxiety and stress in home, family and security matters can be expressed as dis-comfort in these parts of the body.  This would be a good time for massage, bodywork, chiropractic, physical therapy or getting your hearing checked.  Be good to yourself and tend to all your creature comfort needs!  And with 6 out of 10 planets now in earth signs, it’s important to get back to the basics!

A primal urge to explore the natural world, make a deeper connection with the earth, get your hands in the soil and grow some vegetables, flowers or trees could come over you!  TAURUS symbolizes the “freshly plowed earth of springtime, ready for the seed.”  Image result for yard workThe best planting days for above-ground crops are: May 5, 8-9 and 15-18; the best days for root crops and perennials are: April 20, 24-25, 29-30, May 14-15 & 19-20.  Fertilization and soil amendments can be applied most effectively during the first two weeks following the New Moon (May 4—17), while it’s best to prune and cut back during the two-week cycle following the Full Moon (April 20May 4 and May 18—June 2).

Hold your opinions in check and think before you speak as the over-exuberant Mars-Jupiter opposition comes to a head on May 5.  Since it falls in the signs GEMINI & SAGITTARIUS, you can expect an overdose of political rhetoric, intellectual confrontations and non-stop news (particularly regarding immigration, trade and international affairs).  Instead of overextending yourself, find ways to chill out and relax your mind; be careful on the road (especially since it’s also Cinco de Mayo)!  You may experience some social awkwardness, disappointment in friends or the loss of someone special with the Venus-South Node square (May 6) and the Venus-Saturn square (May 7); however, you’ll find yourself in better spirits as the cheerful Venus-Jupiter trine arrives on May 9 and gently tempers the harsh Venus-Pluto square on the same day.  It’s time for an positive uplift following some stressful times!

Mercury leaves ARIES and settles down in TAURUS on May 6; the unpredictable Mercury-Uranus conjunction on the 8th could awaken new ideas and alert you to what needs to be cleaned up, fixed or rearranged on the home front.  Some changes or surprises may be in store for you! You could be quite productive as the practical Sun-Saturn trine builds up on May 11; the dynamic Sun-Pluto trine on May 13 can stimulate new projects in getting off the ground.   

By mid-May, life will begin to mellow out as both Venus & Mercury move on to earth & water signs.  On May 15, Venus joins the Sun, Mercury & Uranus in TAURUS, adding a gentle, sweet energy to the domestic scene.   You’ll be inspired to beautify your base of operations and create more peace & harmony into the home.  From here on, you’ll find much pleasure from kicking back with family & extended family, hanging out in your backyard and being in nature!

Since the end of March, Mars has been in breezy GEMINI (associated with communication, networking, local media, distribution & transportation), encouraging the exchange of ideas & information, short trips and increased contact with neighbors & relatives.  Once Mars begins its new 6-week cycle in CANCER on the evening of May 15, the focus will turn to finances, fuel, food and feelings.  It represents a time for enjoying the fruits of your labors, sharing meals with loved ones and making sure that your personal needs are being met.

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The FULL MOON in TAURUS/SCORPIO reaches a full boil on May 18 at 2:11 pm PDT — deep emotions, power struggles, domestic & territorial issues can arise; the challenge is to channel these potent energies constructively.  Defuse any potential conflicts or jealousies before they get out of control!  On the same day, the scintillating Venus-Uranus conjunction balances out this intense energy, bringing a spontaneous burst of awareness & magic. Delightful surprises await you this weekend, so say yes to any social invitations or throw a party yourself.  Love at first sight has been known to happen with this aspect!

Appreciate all the good in your life, cultivate a sustainable lifestyle, get comfortable — and spend this TAURUS month enjoying & appreciating your home, family and community.   HAPPY EASTER!

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© 2019  Diane Elizabeth Clarke