‘Tis the season for renewal and rejuvenation! The pace of life will be accelerating now that the Sun has entered ARIESMarch 20 is the first day of Spring and the Vernal Equinox (when the days & nights are of equal length). The Full Moon comes to a head on the same day, stirring up even more energy and activity! A cardinal fire sign, ARIES is associated with rebirth, transformation and new beginnings. Blossoms and babies are bursting forth everywhere, evidence of the awesome regenerative forces of nature. The flavor of the month is hot, bold & intense!

Along with mother earth, it’s time to dry out from the soggy winter and prepare for your annual metamorphosis. Like the mythological phoenix, you’re ready to free up from the past, pick up the pieces and fly even higher. Clear the decks for new hobbies & projects — develop your talents, launch a business venture or take a chance with love.

Spring rushes in this year with great gusto, accompanied by the tempestuous Full Moon in ARIES & LIBRA which peaks on March 20 at 6:43 pm PDT. You’ll need to strike a balance between your personal projects and your social involvements — do what’s important to do for yourself, and at the same time, take others into consideration. Some sensitive issues involving friends, lovers and/or children may need to be confronted & cleared up, and gender inequalities may surface with the discordant Venus-Mars square, which peaks at the same time.

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The energizing Mars-Pluto trine, also on March 20, could inspire you to get something new off the ground, while the steady Mercury-Saturn sextile (on the same day) can provide the necessary discipline to put your ideas into action. The exuberant Venus-Jupiter sextile on the 21st will provide the positive boost needed to move forward. Talk about an initiation!

Along with all the creative and playful activities that can arise this month, you’re also likely to encounter some stresses, tensions or turbulence. Impatience, pushiness & obsessiveness can be the dark side of the headstrong ARIES nature Image result for aries symbol(and ARIES rules the head!) — being too rambunctious, forcing matters or imposing your will on others could get you in hot water. With Pluto—ruler of ARIES—currently in the sign CAPRICORN, self-discipline & conscientious attention will be required in order to push things along. Don’t get discouraged by any temporary obstacles in your path — a little patience, persistence and steady action will propel you along.   A body in motion stays in motion!

Pluto is associated with upheavals, explosions, volcanic eruptions and nuclear energy. We could experience a major reality check as Pluto in CAPRICORN approaches its conjunction to the South Lunar Node (aka the Dragon’s Tail) on April 4. Image result for pluto sign Unresolved issues from the past could be dredged up — personally, nationally and globally. We’re likely to experience severe volatility in the financial & currency markets, upheavals in governments, politics, corporations, health care systems and the judiciary, increased terrorist activity and even more extreme & dangerous weather patterns.  Hold on to your hat — the storm clouds are gathering! Image result for capricorn sign

On a personal level, some individuals may need to face up to such matters as unpaid taxes or debts, parental responsibilities, deferred maintenance or old karma. There couldn’t be a better time to purge & recycle outworn possessions, confront destructive habits, sober up or take constructive actions in dealing with skin, teeth, knee, joint or back problems (all CAPRICORN issues).

Mercury has been in mystical PISCES since February 10, and in retrograde since March 5. This has been a spacey, chaotic & weird period, especially for the Mercury-ruled signs, VIRGO & GEMINI. Work, pet problems or physical, mental or spiritual challenges could be sucking up lots of emotional energy, particularly with the Mercury-Neptune conjunctions on March 24 and April 2. You may feel like you’re just muddling along, pushing through dense matter—or walking around in a trance! Since PISCES is a water sign, we may have more rainy, foggy or cloudy days than usual for this time of year.

Venus joins Mercury & Neptune in PISCES on March 26, which could usher in a more peaceful, gentle & healing vibe. Set aside time to meditate, listen to music, sing & dance, consult your oracles, hit the beach, go fishing or take a spa day. Help your friends, take on a volunteer opportunity and find ways to assist those less fortunate than yourself. The scintillating Venus-Uranus sextile on the 27th could electrify the energy field and bring about some magical connections or unexpected social activity. Change things up in your life! Image result for fish clipart

Mercury turns direct on March 28 — and the fuzzy thinking & miscommunications will begin to clear up. From now on, you can confidently move ahead with your plans, such as scheduling a health procedure, purchasing a vehicle, computer or phone, buying/selling/refinancing real estate or starting up a new business. Keep in mind that Mercury is still in impressionable PISCES — stay conscious, don’t believe everything you hear, and read the small print before signing anything!

Mars has been in earthy TAURUS since February 14; home, family or property matters have been demanding more effort than usual. Tie up any loose ends on the domestic front, as you’ll be ready to get back into circulation after March 30 once Mars begins its new 6-week cycle in restless GEMINI. You’ll feel an urge to hit the road, exchange ideas & information, meet new people and connect with siblings, relatives or neighbors. There will be lots to talk about!  Some fresh air and mental stimulation can brighten your life — variety is the spice of life!

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The New Moon in ARIES bursts forth on April 5 at 1:50 am PDT – it’s the astrological new year! Take advantage of this enthusiastic, enterprising & innovative spirit – whatever is initiated from this point on can have a major impact on the year ahead. Pioneer new pathways, do things you’ve never done before and take a few risks. Try a makeover, revamp your wardrobe or express your creativity through art, music or dance activities. Let your inner child out to play! Refresh your outlook on life, spend some quality time with children and remember the sensation of being young, exuberant and fun-loving!

You could resolve some important business with the Mercury-Saturn sextile (April 7) and the Mercury-North Node trine (April 9), and could enjoy a spiritual uplift with the Venus-Neptune conjunction, also on the 9th. Image result for jupiter symbolHowever, you’ll want to slow things down a bit and re-evaluate the direction you’re heading once Jupiter turns retrograde in its own sign, SAGITTARIUS on April 10. From our perspective, the largest planet in the solar system, Jupiter, has stretched forward as far as it can on its celestial journey and will now appear to be retracing its steps over the upcoming 4 months. This symbolizes a time to review what you know, question your beliefs, reaffirm your faith, call on your inner wisdom — and catch up on your reading.

Delays or blockages could arise as the frustrating Sun-Saturn square builds to its peak, also on April 10; be patient, as this will soon pass. Avoid getting too worked up about things as Mercury squares Jupiter on April 11 — don’t make mountains out of molehills. You’ll want to hold your horses and look before you leap as the wobbly Sun-Lunar Node square (aka Moon Wobble) peaks, also on the 11th. Life can get unsettled & disrupted during this unstable 2-week period. Don’t rush, force issues or ram into things, especially with the stressed-out Sun-Pluto square on April 13; look for healthy ways to release excess tensions and take off some of the pressure.  Lighten up!

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Forward movement will be kicked up a notch with the expansive Sun-Jupiter trine and the dynamic Venus-Pluto sextile on April 14. Kick up your heels (but don’t overload your social calendar due to the excessive Venus-Jupiter square on the 15th). Mercury finally finishes up its long 2-month transit of PISCES and moves on to playful ARIES late on April 16 — you’ll be ready to focus on new ideas and projects from here on. 

The rare second Full Moon in ARIES & LIBRA comes to a head on April 19, bringing this high-energy solar month to a close with a full crescendo.  Make an effort to maintain your equilibrium and keep your head on straight amidst the turmoil & intensity that will be playing out all around you!  Let off some steam and howl at the moon!

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As this ARIES month unfolds, allow the creative impulse to inspire you, set your sights high and prepare to scale the mountaintops. It’s going to be a dynamic, action-oriented month ahead — have a joyful personal renewal & transformation! Related image


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