Feeling a need to transcend the everyday realities?  Overdue for a physical, emotional or spiritual tune-up?  The Sun has now entered PISCES, and—accompanied by the Full Moon—is illuminating the need for retreat, introspection & healing.  Take some time out from your daily routine, turn your attention inward and listen closely to the wisdom of your inner mystic — meditate, contemplate and allow your imagination to soar to new heights.   Lift your vibration!

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Pay close attention to your dreams, as they may be particularly revealing this month.  Consult your favorite oracles for insights and guidance: pull out the Tarot cards, the Runes or your pendulum – or visit a psychic or intuitive counselor. Tune in to your fantasies and visualize your life just the way you want it to be.

Sing, dance, paint, draw, write poetry or play your instrument.  Allow your Dionysian side to come out of hiding — let music or exotic substances transport you to ecstatic states.  Surrender to your higher self and elevate your mood and your spirits!  Be forgiving and compassionate with yourself and others.

Since Neptune—ruling planet of PISCES—is in PISCES these days (along with the Sun & Mercury), this solar month could be an especially spacey one. The escape urge—the dark underbelly of the PISCES nature—will be much stronger than usual. It can take on many forms, such as wallowing in alcohol, drugs, food, illness, overwork, self-pity, submersion into others’ problems, or being glued to the TV.  Chaos, confusion, self-deception, masochism, paranoia or delusions can run rampant unless held in check.  Do everything you can to channel this energy in a healthy, life-affirming way — keep your grip on reality, practice mindfulness and take the high road!

The dreamy Mercury-Neptune conjunction appropriately initiates this solar month on February 18, along with the Presidents’ Day holiday—what an ideal day to sleep in and just float around! You may feel an urge to visit the ocean or hot springs, go fishing, see a movie or take a spa day; treat yourself to an herbal wrap, steam, sauna, massage or foot reflexology treatment.  You’ll want to take care of business the next day with the more grounded Mercury-Saturn sextile, which is accompanied by the Full Moon in PISCES & VIRGO (February 19 at 7:54 am PST).  A clarifying light will be shed on whatever needs to be healed, fixed or resolved! If health or job challenges interfere with your plans, just roll with the punches and go with the flow. . .

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Your personal health and well-being is of primary importance this month.  PISCES is associated with the feet, the pineal gland and the lymphatic system, making this month an ideal time for a detox, cleanse or fast. Boost your immune system with vitamins, supplements, minerals, aromatherapy oils, homeopathy or flower essences.  Exercise, stretch, take a yoga class, catch up on your sleep and stay hydrated.  It might be a good time to see a doctor, therapist or healer, confront any physical or mental health issues,  or just have a good cry.  Pour yourself into your work and find ways to be of service to those who are less fortunate than yourself.  Since household pets are also symbolized by the sign PISCES, you may feel compelled to adopt a fish or furry friend, contact a pet psychic or take your little buddy to the vet.

As the Mercury-Jupiter square comes to a head on February 22, don’t make mountains out of molehills or go overboard.  Take any news or gossip with a grain of salt!  (This also applies to the Sun-Jupiter square on March 13 and the second Mercury-Jupiter square on March 15). The weekend of the 22nd will be jump-started by the transformative Venus-Pluto conjunction and the mentally-stimulating Mercury-Pluto sextile.  A creative, inspirational energy will emerge — it’s a wonderful time to start new projects, make social connections and express your playful side!

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A realistic evaluation of your social life may be required as the Venus/South Node conjunction peaks on February 25; avoid toxic individuals or group activities that sap your energy or don’t appreciate your contribution.  The energetic Sun-Mars trine on the 27th, however, will stir up some lively activity and could encourage you to set some new goals in motion — go for the gusto!

Electricity is in the air as March begins!  The status quo will be disrupted by the unpredictable Venus-Uranus square, followed by the entrance of Venus into Uranus-ruled AQUARIUS, on March 1. Interruptions, surprises or sudden changes in plans can be expected, along with spontaneous social activity, so keep your plans loose as this edgy weekend unfolds.  Some unique individuals may enter your life and shake things up a bit!

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Uranus is in the final days of its 7-year cycle in fiery ARIES this week, too, so prepare for some intense, volcanic or tumultuous energy as it says “goodbye.”  Considering that ARIES is associated with nuclear energy, it’s intriguing that the summit between the US and North Korea regarding the denuclearization of the North Korean peninsula is taking place at this time.  There is also the explosive dust-up over Kashmir between two nuclear-powered countries, India & Pakistan, not to mention the shocking announcement that shipments of nuclear waste material were secretively sent to Yucca Mountain against Nevada’s wishes.  Things are coming to a head!

Adding to the vague, enigmatic & elusive mood of the month, Mercury turns retrograde in PISCES on March 5 (until March 28).  Utilize this 3-week period for review & re-evaluation (but not for signing contracts, starting a business, having elective surgery, or buying a car, computer or electronic equipment).  Be especially wary of any deal that looks too good to be true—things are not as they may seem, so don’t let the wool be pulled over your eyes.  When it comes to health care, you could be subject to misdiagnosis or mixed-up lab results during this cycle — get a second opinion!

The New Moon in PISCES falls on March 6 at 8:04 am PST — let the healing begin (especially with the compassionate Sun-Neptune conjunction on the same day)!  Since the sign PISCES is associated with empathy, charity, devotion & sacrifice, the light will shine this month on minorities, immigrants, refugees, victims of abuse, lost souls and helpless creatures.   Animal rights organizations could be especially active and vociferous this month.  There may be a resurgence of interest in helping the “Dreamers,” resolving the opioid crisis and cleaning up the oceans.Image result for pisces symbolAlso on the 6th, Uranus begins a new 7-year cycle in TAURUS, bringing in a different perspective on home, family, property and community matters.  With Mars also in TAURUS for the rest of March, you’ll want to re-examine your roots, create more comfort & stability in your domestic scene and spend some quality time in nature.  And you’ll have more sunshine in your life once Daylight Savings Time is in effect on March 10!

The Sun-Saturn sextile (March 8), the Mars-Saturn trine (March 14) and the Mercury-Saturn sextile (March 20) will each add an earthy, practical dimension, a much-needed quality in the midst of the chaos & confusion of the PISCES month.  Some exciting projects could get off the ground with the Sun-Pluto sextile (March 13), Mercury-Pluto sextile (March 16) and the Mars-Pluto trine (March 20). Take some risks and have some fun!  Utilize this month to rinse off the residues of winter and prepare yourself for the vibrant new energy that’s getting ready to emerge – Spring is just around the corner! Image result for meditation


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