Sun worshipers, rejoice!  The Sun is now in its own sign, LEO – and you can expect a lively, solar-powered month ahead!  It’s time to crawl out of your shell, center yourself and allow your unique individuality to shine forth.  “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players” (Shakespeare).  So…play your role to the max and allow that divine spark within you to radiate outward.Image result for sun raysThe Sun is the source of all life and light on this planet; allow this revitalizing force to flow through you – get outdoors, recharge your batteries, and soak up some rays.  However, since LEO is a fire sign, be sure to take precautions against sunburns, overheating and physical burnout (and make sure that those candles and campfires are under control, too).

Just as the Sun is the central pulse of our solar system, you, too, are the heartbeat of your personal universe and the source of your own experience.  And, whatever (and whoever) is revolving around you can provide an accurate reflection of the energy that you’re putting out there.  What do those in your close orbit tell you about yourself?  Are you comfortable with the “I am” that you are projecting, or are there some aspects of your personal identity, self-image or appearance that require reorganization?  Are you happy with the lifestyle you’re living?  Remember that you are both the co-creator and the star of your own drama – and that you have the capacity to rewrite both the script and the characters in it.  Let your light shine!

Image result for heart of a lionWith Mercury and the North Node also in regal LEO as this solar month begins, spirits are high, the energy is up and the life force is vibrant & colorful.  It’s the ideal time to organize parties, ham it up, entertain and be entertained; get in touch with your inner joy!  Make time for enjoying your friends, social activities and cultural events with the pleasure-oriented Venus/Jupiter sextile on July 22!

However, Venus (in VIRGO) reaches an opposition to Neptune (in PISCES) on the 24th, an aspect which can bring up trust issues in relationships.  Be honest & compassionate with others, stay true to yourself and work towards mutually-helpful outcomes.  The unpredictable Sun/Uranus square, peaking on July 24, could upset the apple cart and interrupt your best-laid plans.  Stay spontaneous, as life can be disruptive & erratic at this time — and over the next few days.  Be open to change and explore alternative approaches & pathways!Mercury will be in retrograde in LEO for the first 3½ weeks of this solar month (from July 26 through August 18).  Utilize this period to review, edit, make repairs and catch up with yourself; double-check appointments & reservations.  Go back over some old territory, re-evaluate your self-image & appearance, and go within to reconnect with your true source of happiness.  It’s not advisable to start a new project, business or alliance—or to purchase a vehicle, computer or electronic equipment—until after Mercury turns direct.

Both the Sun/Saturn inconjunct and the Sun/Mars opposition also peak on the 26th; be cautious about making commitments, using credit cards or dealing with authority figures — and do your best to avoid hostile, controlling individuals and challenging situations.  There could be power struggles, confrontations or even danger in the air — stay out of harm’s way!

Image result for full moon flower moon

You can expect some high drama as the Full Moon (& Lunar Eclipse) in LEO/AQUARIUS culminates on July 27 at 1:20 pm PDT.   At this time, the Earth passes between the Moon and the Sun, and the Earth‘s shadow obscures a portion of the Moon.  As this potent Full Moon builds in intensity, be prepared for unusual encounters, unexpected changes, sudden separations or amazing flashes of insight.  Some long-standing relationship issues may need to be faced — maintain your personal integrity, identity & self- esteem, while at the same time honoring those qualities in others.  Keep your ego in check!  You could experience a deeper understanding of yourself through feedback from your one-one-one interactions — increased self-awareness awaits you.  The playful Venus/Pluto trine, also on the 27th, could stimulate new social relationships and heartwarming interactions with children.  Take some risks & have fun!

The drama could intensify as the Sun/North Node conjunction (also known as Moon Wobble) comes to a head on July 28.  During the week before—and after—this period of instability, keep your feet on the ground, hold yourself in check and don’t rush into things or make impulsive decisions.  Although you might feel a sense of urgency, it’s advisable to wait until things settle down a bit.  Image result for lion roarWith the explosive Mars/Uranus square building up to a peak on August 1, we’ll be experiencing volatility and high tension, personally as well as collectively.  Search for healthy outlets to release any pent-up mental or emotional stress that you may be experiencing; avoid taking it out on family members & partners.  Be careful with sharp objects, mechanical items and electricity around this time, as hazardous conditions, power outages or computer glitches  could seriously disrupt things.  Be sure your data is backed up!  At the same time, restrain yourself from going overboard with the reckless Sun/Jupiter square on August 6.  Some topsy-turvy energy will occur just as Uranus begins its 5-month retrograde on the 7th.  Stay loose and detach yourself from any expectations.

Hopefully, life will begin to calm down as Venus moves on to peaceful LIBRA (its own sign) on August 6 — let there be beauty & sweetness!  The Venus/Mars trine on the 7th could inspire a party spirit and a sexy sizzle.  However, the Venus/Saturn square, which peaks on August 9, could bring up some frustrations, loss or disappointments  with friends & loved ones.  Be patient, realistic and non-judgmental in your actions towards others, and be willing to release any relationship that is no longer mutually-satisfying.  Don’t take on more than you can handle with the Mercury/Jupiter square on the 10th — think twice before opening your mouth and putting your foot in it!

A new day will dawn with the New Moon (and Solar Eclipse) in LEO  on August 11 at 2:58 am PDT.  Trust in the universe, and live life fully & confidently — strive for authentic self-expression!  As Robert Louis Stevenson so aptly put it, “To be what we are, and to become what we are capable of becoming, is the only end in life.” Acknowledge the divinity within yourself and within others — open your heart and let your spirit soar!

Mars leaves unconventional AQUARIUS on August 12 and retrogrades back into serious CAPRICORN, where it will stay until September 10.  With self-discipline, patience and commitment, you could be very productive in taking care of some old business over this next month!  Any energy channeled into dealing with joint finances, loans, debts or obligations, parental responsibilities, taxes, insurance or legal matters will have a positive, long-term effect.You can look forward to a pleasurable, sociable weekend as the harmonious Mercury/Venus sextile forms on August 18.  And late that evening, Mercury will be turning direct — hallelujah!  Details can be handled more efficiently and you can now move forward on your plans & projects.  At the same time, you’re likely to be infused with a spirit of compassion and generosity as the uplifting Jupiter/Neptune trine blossoms on the the 19th.  This spiritually-fulfilling aspect will bring this solar month to a close on a high note.  SHINE ON!!


© 2018  Diane Elizabeth Clarke