Joint finances, business partnerships, parental issues, loans, taxes, insurance & legal matters will require your patient & responsible attention this month – it’s time to take care of some important business.  You could be highly productive on 7/22, 28, 8/6, 8, 11 (New Moon) & 18.  However, with Mercury in retrograde (from 7/25 through 8/18), you’ll want to hold off on signing contracts or making any long-term decisions until it moves forward on 8/19.  You’ll also want to be cautious in financial dealings on 7/25-27 (Full Moon), 8/1, 6, 10-11 & 21; make sure your own needs are met before committing to others.  Avoid impulsive buys and think twice before loaning or borrowing money; don’t overload your credit cards.

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You’ve can find much enjoyment in travel, education, reading, writing, philosophical studies or sports during the first 2 weeks of this solar month, particularly on 7/22 & 27.  After 8/6, you’ll be attracting positive attention in your professional life; it’s a good time to socialize with people in positions of power, ask for a raise or mix business & pleasure.  On 8/12, Mars retrogrades back into CAPRICORN; you’ll be feeling more ambitious, assertive and energetic during its 4-week stay there – push yourself forward and go for what you want!  Your social & intellectual life will be nourishing & inspiring to you around 8/19 – this will be an ideal time for networking, taking short trips and joining up with those of like mind.

LONG-TERM FORECAST:  You are undergoing a powerful personal metamorphosis while Pluto transits CAPRICORN (since 1/25/08).  As this 16-year cycle unfolds, you’ll be undergoing transformational forces bigger than you!  Potent, creative energies are arising from within you, demanding a fundamental reorganization of your basic identity, appearance & self-expression.  Periodic upheavals & eruptions can be expected, as you’re in a process of purging outworn aspects of your self-image & lifestyle.  You’re in the midst of a rebirth of sorts, and a “renewed you” is emerging – revitalized, self-confidant & creative.  This is the time for taking some risks, pioneering new concepts, starting up business ventures or enjoying romantic adventures.  Encourage your inner child to come out and play!

With Neptune now drifting through PISCES (20122026), you’ll begin to experience a deepening psychic sensitivity & spirituality in your everyday life.  During this 14-year cycle, you could develop an increasing interest in mysticism, meditation, psychedelics or telepathic communication, finding yourself more attuned to the subtle undercurrents of life.  You will tend to feel more compassionate & connected with others, enjoying more intimate levels of rapport.  You may also notice potent healing energy emanating from your hands.  At the same time, you need to stay self-reflecting & conscious, as you can be subject to periods of confusion, self-deception, scattered thoughts, lack of focus and possible misunderstandings.  Don’t just assume that others are on the same page – make sure the communication goes both ways!   Put things in writing, keep your calendar current and do your best to manage your spaciness.  A clean, organized environment can help clear your mind and provide a supportive space for imaginative thinking.

During Uranustransit of ARIES (20112019), you are likely to experience periods of change, unpredictability or rearrangement in the domestic side of your life.  As part of this process, you’ll be freeing up from outgrown routines, structures and support systems. Expect the unexpected when it comes to home, family & property matters; you may build, remodel, landscape, buy real estate or move your base to a new location.  During this ‘7-year itch”, you’ll realize that your true sense of security comes from within.

Once Uranus leaves ARIES and makes its initial entry into TAURUS (5/1511/6/18), a creative, innovative urge will begin to take you over.  You’ll have the courage, willingness and vision to get a new project, hobby, business venture or romance off the ground.  Take some well-considered risks and challenge yourself to do things you’ve never done before!  A world of fun awaits you!

While Saturn (your planet) transits its own sign, CAPRICORN (from 12/19/17 – 12/16/20, you are ready to assume a new level of personal responsibility, maturity & authority.  During this 3-year cycle, you will have opportunities to further develop your innate managerial and organizational abilities.  Your self-image, appearance and lifestyle will be undergoing a solid, yet significant, restructuring.  This is the time to make some major commitments to your personal development and self-expression!

Now that Jupiter is in SCORPIO (10/10/17−11/7/18), you can look forward to a more active and stimulating social life.  Friends can assist you in achieving your ambitions ‒ and will add a positive note to your life.  By joining up with knowledgeable individuals or groups who share your interests, values and visions, you’ll experience much personal growth.  Cultural & artistic pursuits, along with collaborative efforts, can bring much pleasure your way.  You may find it helpful to review what was going on in your life when this same cycle was in effect 12 years ago (10/25/0511/23/06).

Once Jupiter moves on to SAGITTARIUS on 11/8/17, you’ll be ready to refocus your attention on cleaning, sorting, filing and setting up systems.  This will be the time to tie up some loose ends and complete old projects.  Put some positive efforts into perfecting your skills, re-evaluating your priorities and putting your life in order.

©2018  Diane Elizabeth Clarke