Do you have some unfinished business to resolve, problems to solve or messes to clean up?  With the Sun now in VIRGO, completion is the major focus of the month ahead.  Summer’s coming to an end, school is starting up again and it’s back to work we go!  Now’s the perfect time to tidy up, tackle the clutter, streamline your life and get organized.  Clear the decks, clean out the closets & drawers, and sweep away the cobwebs & dust bunnies.  Bring order out of chaos!

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Schedule some time for self-analysis, clarification and redefining your priorities; you could find it very useful to compile lists, sort, sift and systematize.  Simplify your life!  Tie up any loose ends and put things in their proper places — pay special attention to the small details. A mutable earth sign, VIRGO is associated with work, craftsmanship, skills & expertise.  It is an adaptable, practical and discriminating sign, whose purpose is to analyze, synthesize, discern, complete, correct, research, plan, purify and perfect.

Because perfection is the standard by which all things are measured, it’s easy to understand why this sign is well-known for being critical, complaining and picky when not living up to its high expectations.  It is always good to remind ourselves that we are already perfect, whole and complete just as we are — like a rosebud, we are simply in the process of unfolding!Image result for virgo constellation stars

The industrious VIRGO energy will be particularly potent this solar month, so make good use of it!  Venus and Mars are already in VIRGO, and Mercury—ruler of VIRGO—will join the crowd on August 29.  With careful planning and step-by-step preparation, you could move mountains during the upcoming few weeks — from an acorn to an oak!  And with 7 planets (!) in earth signs now, this is truly a time for manifestation on the physical plane — ground your vision!  As Kahlil Gibran (from The Prophet) stated so beautifully, “Work is love made visible”.

The magic starts right away with the sexy Venus-Mars conjunction on August 24 — get ready for a playful, as well as productive, weekend. Together, much can be accomplished!  The following week will be electrified by trines from unconventional Uranus to Venus (August 26), to Mars (August 28), to the Sun (August 29) and to Mercury (September 1).  Life will be delightfully unpredictable, spontaneous and serendipitous!  Some exciting new personal connections will occur, along with some enlightening ideas, inventions or technological breakthroughs. Unleash your individuality and uniqueness!

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Labor Day weekend starts off with the New Moon in VIRGO (on August 30 at 3:37 am PDT) —how auspicious!  Make it a point to get some useful things done along with celebrating this final holiday of summer. With half the planets in VIRGO as this New Moon begins, there couldn’t be a better time to plan, prepare and put your life in order!  Aim for accuracy, precision and functionality; set your priorities, define what you want to accomplish and even consider hiring an efficiency expert.  The presence of Venus in VIRGO could make collaborative projects much more pleasurable.  Put some efforts into being of service to others; in the process of helping another, you’ll end up helping yourself!

Much of long-lasting value can be realized with the trines to Saturn from Venus (September 1), Mercury (September 5), the Sun (September 6) and Mars (September 8).  Image result for virgo astrologySome important goals can be clarified and implemented on September 2-3 with the potent Sun-Mercury-Mars conjunction.

Avoid fuzzy thinking & miscommunications during the oppositions to nebulous Neptune from Venus (September 4), Mercury (September 7), the Sun (September 10) and Mars (September 13).  Don’t promise more than you can deliver or overextend yourself while Jupiter is squared by Venus (September 2), Mercury (September 7), the Sun (September 8) and Mars (September 12).  In the midst of all these crosscurrents, some dynamic new projects can get off the ground on September 6 (Venus-Pluto trine), September 8 (Mercury-Pluto trine), September 13 (Sun-Pluto trine) and September 19 (Mars-Pluto trine).  Busy times ahead!

With both Mercury & Venus conjoined on September 13 in the final degree of VIRGO, you’ll want to be pro-active in staying healthy, taking your supplements, exercising and getting enough sleep.   The Full Moon in VIRGO & PISCES (also known as the Harvest Moon) comes to a head on September 13 at 9:33 pm PDT — the light will be shining on whatever needs to be fixed, purified or healed.  Avoid toxic people and situations, and use caution with seafood, alcohol & drugs.  There is a strong escape urge associated with the spacey Mars-Neptune opposition which accompanies this Full Moon — you’ll want to find some positive & productive outlets for channeling this energy (such as attending a concert, taking a meditation class, getting a foot reflexology treatment or being of service to someone less fortunate than yourself).

Rather than complaining or worrying about problems, take whatever action is needed to find a solution.  Instead of finding fault with another, work on yourself (as any criticisms or judgments are most likely projections of your own unresolved issues).  Listen to any advice you find yourself giving to others, as it’s meant for your ears, too.

VIRGO is associated with the small intestines, which are necessary for the proper assimilation of nutrients in the body.  Since physical & mental well-being is also related to this sign, this would be an ideal month to deal with any nagging health issues.  A cleanse or fast may be in order — detoxify body, mind & spirit!  You may want to schedule a session with a doctor, healer, counselor, life coach or professional organizer to help you clear things up.

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By September 14, both Mercury & Venus will move on to sweet LIBRA — aim to get most of your work done by then so that you can relax for the weekend and enjoy your friendships & pleasurable social activities. You’ll likely feel a desire to join with others of like-mind in a spirit of cooperation, peace & harmony.  Saturn turns direct on September 18, after being in retrograde for the past 4½ months; business, joint finances and legal affairs can now move forward.

The third & final Jupiter-Neptune square of the year peaks on September 21; don’t believe everything you hear, as lies and misinformation can run rampant as this aspect builds up.  Focus on completing your “to do” lists as Mercury squares Saturn & the Lunar Nodes on September 22 (the last day of summer).  Patient, disciplined efforts will be well-rewarded.  Clear the decks — the Fall season is just around the corner!  



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