Ready to simplify your life?  Do you have some unfinished business to resolve, some problems to solve or some messes to clean up? With the Sun now in VIRGO, you have the necessary tools for tying up any loose ends and bringing old issues to completion.  Summer’s coming to a close and it’s back to work we go!  Now’s the perfect time to tidy up, tackle the clutter, streamline your life and get organized.  The message of this month: Bring order out of chaos!

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Schedule some time for self-analysis, clarification and redefining your priorities; you could find it very useful to make lists, sort, sift and set up systems.  Clear the decks, clean out the closets & drawers, and sweep away the cobwebs.  Be methodical and put things in their proper places.  Pay particular attention to the small details!  VIRGO is quite the taskmaster — yet the rewards from your efforts will be tangible, and your life will function more efficiently as a result.

A mutable earth sign, VIRGO is associated with work, craftsmanship, skills & expertise.  It suggests a specialist — one who has developed particular skills — or a perfectionist, who continuously strives for mastery in their field. Discrimination, practicality and adaptability are a significant part of the VIRGO nature.  Its cosmic purpose is to analyze, synthesize, correct, research, plan  purify and perfect.  Utilize the discerning  VIRGO energy to assist you in clarifying your objectives, finishing old business and making plans & preparations for the fall season.  It is likely that you’ll be clearly shown what areas of your life need to be put in order, cleared up or released.  And then you need to remind yourself that:

You are already perfect, whole and complete exactly as you are! Rosebud | Bantry Bay climbing rose. | Sid Mosdell | FlickrLike a rosebud, you are simply in the process of unfolding in your own unique fashion and on your own time schedule.   Regardless of what it may look like, everything that’s taking place is in  divine  order.  Perfecting is the process. So ease up on any self-criticism or complaining, lay out a plan and get to work.  Follow-through is THE key to success this month.

Mercury—ruler of VIRGO—is in VIRGO as this solar month begins, amplifying the focused and industrious energy available to you right now.  Make good use of it!  With meticulous planning and step-by-step preparation, you could move mountains during the upcoming few weeks — take it from an acorn to an oak!  And with 6 planets (!) currently in earth signs, you have an opportunity to manifest your dreams from the invisible to the physical plane of existence. The clearer your objectives, the greater your manifestation! Ground your vision.  Be practical and patient.  As Kahlil Gibran pointed out in The Prophet, “Work is love made visible”.  Do what you love.  When, if not now?Image result for virgo constellation stars A patient, realistic outlook will be a useful ally as this solar month begins.  With Mars (in ARIES) squaring off with Saturn (in CAPRICORN) on August 24, there may be some head-butting going on.   Some frustrations, delays, obstacles or financial challenges may arise, but try to stay cool — this will soon pass.  By August 25, the electrical Mercury-Uranus trine will inspire some enlightened attitudes and ingenious solutions.  It’d be a good time to implement new technologies  or learn a new program.  Be spontaneous, original & inventive.  Think outside the box!

Watch a tendency to over-commit yourself socially, eat too much or run off in all directions with the excessive Venus-Jupiter opposition on the 25th. By August 27, however, do allow the healing Venus-Neptune trine to infuse you with calm, peace & harmony.  Enjoy music, sing, dance and join up with those who uplift your spirit.  Make a shift to a higher frequency. . .

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The upbeat Mercury-Jupiter trine, on August 29, can stimulate positive perspectives and expansive thoughts.  Think big!  August ends with some possible stresses & strains on relationships (with the star-crossed Venus-Pluto opposition and the confusing Mercury-Neptune opposition, both on August 30).  Don’t force issues or try to make things happen; misunderstandings or missed connections  can easily occur, so work at keeping communications clear.  Avoid unhealthy situations and toxic individuals; it’s a good day to just chill.

September begins with a burst of creative energy as the energetic Mercury-Pluto trine initiates the new month.  New ideas, plans or projects will be getting off the ground, although the Full Moon in VIRGO & PISCES, also on September 1 (at 10:22 pm PDT), might temporarily disrupt the momentum.  Whatever needs to be healed, cleaned up or resolved will be revealed with great clarity at this time.  Work or health issues could  interfere with the best-laid plans, so make allowances for that possibility. The loss of a loved one, disappointments in friendships  or finances, as well as frustrating social situations, may arise with the heavy Venus-Saturn opposition on September 2.  Keep your heart open.♥️

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The potent mixture of ingenuity & practicality, personified by the Sun-Uranus trine on September 2 and the Mercury-Saturn trine on the 3rd, will bring a new level of productivity.  The sweet Mercury-Venus sextile on September 4 will help balance out the emotionally-combative Venus-Mars square on the same day.   Let peace reign.

On September 5 — as the Labor Day weekend begins — Mercury finishes up in VIRGO and begins its new 3-week transit in mellow LIBRA.  We can look forward to increased harmony & cooperation in our social relationships from here on. The following day, Venus completes its passage through CANCER and moves on to vibrant LEO on September 6.  With the personal planets now in the elements air & fire, you’ll be ready to lighten up and brighten up!  Get your work done prior to this holiday weekend so you can enjoy some celebratory times with those in your social bubble!

The expansive Sun-Jupiter trine on September 9 will encourage you to stretch your mind and extend your vistas — consider taking a class, reading a book or planning an adventure.  On the same day, Mars turns retrograde in ARIES (through November 13); utilize this upcoming time period to review your personal goals and revisit your projects & passions. Re-adjust your trajectory if necessary.

September 11 — a day that tends to stir up deep emotions — will be touched by the spacey Sun-Neptune opposition.  Avoid self-pity or chaotic people; stay conscious, maintain healthy boundaries and tend to your spiritual needs.  The edgy Mercury-Uranus inconjunct, peaking early on the 12th, could stimulate some changes in your domestic scene that will ultimately bring more peace & harmony.   Jupiter—in CAPRICORN—turns direct, following a 4-month retrograde, on the evening of September 12.  A positive and realistic approach will allow you to move ahead from here on; explore  any opportunities that arise — and practice what you preach!

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The week of September 14 starts off with the high-energy Sun-Pluto trine, providing an impetus for having fun, taking some risks and initiating a new project, business or romance. The unpredictable Venus-Uranus square will shake things up a bit on the 15th, however.  Someone could enter (or leave) your life unexpectedly, or social interactions could be dramatic & surprising.  Stay spontaneous and be prepared for sudden changes of plans. . .

The midpoint of a 2-week period of cosmic instability  falls on September 16 as the Sun in VIRGO makes a square to the Lunar Nodes in GEMINI & SAGITTARIUS.  While this particular aspect, known as “Moon Wobble” is in effect, it’d be wise to avoid making rash decisions or taking impulsive actions until things settle back down in a week or so.   The reckless Mercury-Jupiter square, which is accompanying this aspect, could inflame some grandiose ideas & schemes; take it easy, let things gel a bit and ride out any temptation to doing things RIGHT NOW!

The New Moon in VIRGO finally arrives  on September 17 at 4:00 am PDT.   Utilize this energy to perfect your skills, increase productivity and be of service to others.  Aim for accuracy, precision & cleanliness; make clear plans for what you want to accomplish in the near future.  Rather than complaining or worrying about problems, take whatever action is needed to find a solution.  Instead of finding fault with another, work on yourself (as any criticisms or judgments are most likely projections of your own unresolved issues).  Listen to any advice you find yourself giving to others, as it’s meant for your ears, too.

VIRGO is associated with the small intestines, which are necessary for the proper assimilation of nutrients in the body.  Since physical & mental well-being is also related to this sign, this would be an ideal month to deal with any nagging health issues.  A therapeutic cleanse or fast may be in order — detoxify body, mind & spirit!  You may want to schedule a session with a doctor, healer, counselor, life coach or professional organizer to help you clear things up.

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Focus on completing your “to do” lists  as the Sun-Saturn trine plays out on September 17; any patient, disciplined efforts that you put forth around this time will be well-rewarded.  It’s a good time to sign a contract, make a significant commitment or lay out a long-term plan.  Hold steady with your vision as this VIRGO month comes to an end, as some unsettling energies will emerge in the next few days that could knock you off your track if you allow it.

Some confusion or deception may arise with the vague Mercury-Neptune inconjunct on September 18, and the demanding Sun-Mars inconjunct on the 19th could challenge you to finish what you’ve started.  Be gentle with yourself (and others) as the stressful Mercury-Pluto square comes to a head on September 20, and think twice before succumbing to social expectations as the overindulgent Venus-Jupiter inconjunct materializes on the 21st.  In the midst of these distractions, do your best to focus on what you want to get done.  Clear the decks — the Fall season is just around the corner!

PS:  HAPPY BIRTHDAY & SOLAR RETURN to my fellow VIRGOS! Image result for virgo astrology



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