Have some unfinished business to resolve, problems to solve or messes to clean up?  With the Sun now in VIRGO, completion is the major focus of the month ahead.  Free photo Rose White Rose Flowers - Max PixelSummer’s coming to a close, school is starting back up again and it’s back to work we go!  Now’s the perfect time to tidy up, tackle the clutter, and put your life in order.

Clear the decks, clean out the closets & drawers, and sweep away all the cobwebs.  Schedule some time for self-analysis and clarify your priorities;  compile lists, sort, sift and systematize.  Simplify your life!  Tie up any loose ends, put things in their proper places and pay special attention to the smallest of details.  BRING ORDER OUT OF CHAOS!

A mutable earth sign, VIRGO is associated with work, craftsmanship, skills and expertise.  It is known for being discriminating, focused & efficient, and its purpose is to analyze, synthesize, correct, research, plan and purify.   Because perfection is the standard by which all things are measured, it’s easy to understand why this sign is well-Pink rosebud clipart, lge 13 cm | This clipart-style image h… | Flickrknown for being critical, complaining and picky when out-of-balance.  It is always good to remind ourselves that we are already perfect, whole and complete just as we are — like a rosebud, we are simply in the process of unfolding!

This solar month starts off dramatically as the Full Moon — in the final degree of LEO & AQUARIUS — illuminates whatever issues may be requiring your immediate attention.  As the Sun initiates its new cycle in VIRGO on August 22, it is accompanied by both Mercury and Mars in VIRGO.  The industrious, problem-solving urge has already been underway, particularly since Mercury—the ruling planet of VIRGO—entered its own sign on August 11.  Now it’s time to really apply yourself to the tasks at hand!Image result for virgo constellation stars

The harmonious Venus-Saturn trine, on August 23,  encourages a steady, peaceful approach as the new work week begins.  Old friends may get in touch with you out of the blue, and social interactions will feel solid & supportive.  The elders of your tribe can provide the wisdom & grounding you need, considering the spacey Mercury-Neptune opposition that emerges on August 24.  Misunderstandings could fog up the day, so do your best to stay clear in your communications, double-check your schedule and don’t believe everything you hear!

Plans for a new project could be set in motion with the enterprising Mercury-Pluto trine on August 26. You’ll not want to rush into anything  yet, however, as some adjustments to your plans may be required due to the reckless Mercury-Jupiter inconjunct (on the 27th) and the unpredictable Venus-Uranus inconjunct (28th).  Also on August 28, the precarious Sun-Lunar Node square (also known as MOON WOBBLE) comes to a peak.  The week prior to this date—and the week following—are often marked with drama, disturbances & emotional instability; avoid making rash or impulsive decisions until things settle down a bit and this “wobbly” period passes.Image result for virgo astrologyMercury finishes up its transit of hardworking VIRGO and enters sociable LIBRA late on August 29.  It will stay in LIBRA for over two months — an exceptionally long time due to its upcoming retrograde cycle (from September 26 to October 18).  You may find that getting things done involves sharing that experience with another.  You and your friends will be helping each other, lightening your loads and making things more harmonious & balanced in the process.  Much can be accomplished by joining up with those individuals who share your vision & viewpoints. Teamwork makes the dream work!

The days preceding the Labor Day weekend could test your patience (and possibly your partnerships), starting with the frustrating Sun-Saturn inconjunct on August 31, and culminating with the befuddled Mars-Neptune opposition on September 2.  Some old business may need to be dealt with, and at the same time, you may find it difficult to focus on what needs to be done.  It may be more challenging than usual to enlist the support of others — similar to herding cats!  After muddling through some chaotic work conditions or confusing social interactions (due in part to the Venus-Neptune inconjunct on September 3), you’ll richly deserve a weekend of relaxation!

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How appropriate that we celebrate the Labor Day holiday during the VIRGO month, which is all about work & productivity (although that’s the last thing we want to do this weekend).  Instead, this 3-day holiday gives us an opportunity to celebrate the last hurrah of summer, and with the grounding Mercury-Saturn trine on Saturday, September 4, you’ll likely be getting some useful things done, along with celebrating some meaningful times with those in your social bubble!  Take some time out from these activities on the evening of the 5th, however; the star-crossed Venus-Pluto square can cause stresses & strains in social & romantic relationships.  Don’t force any issues; look for healthy ways to release any excess tensions that may have built up.

September 6Labor Day—will prove to be an initiation of much renewed activity, considering the five(!) potent aspects that come together that same day.  First of all, a new growth cycle is being seeded by the New Moon in VIRGO  (September 6 at 5:52 pm PDT).  From this point on, you may feel inspired to perfect your skills, increase productivity and find creative ways to be of service to others.  Bright Sunrise - Free Stock Photo by Pixabay on Stockvault.netAim for accuracy, precision and cleanliness; make clear plans for what you want to accomplish in the near future.  At the same time, the entrepreneurial Mars-Pluto trine will invigorate new projects, the expansive Venus-Jupiter trine may present opportunities for pleasure & leisure — and the electric Sun-Uranus trine will stir up a potent mix of ingenuity & practicality, especially in the domestic scene.  At the end of the day, the recklessness of the Mars-Jupiter inconjunct advises you to be extra-cautious on the road; stay home and don’t travel that evening if you have a choice.  Traffic will be a real bear!

Surprises, changes of plans or unexpected visitors could appear with the edgy Mercury-Uranus inconjunct on September 10 — electricity will be in the air.  Also on the 10th, Venus leaves gentle LIBRA and begins a month’s transit through passionate SCORPIO.  Channel your emotional energy into achieving your deepest desires, professionally and personally. Align with those who share similar goals & objectives; feel the power and go for what you want!

Keep a firm grip on your sanity, get your sleep and stay hydrated as the spaced-out Sun-Neptune opposition comes to a head on September 14.  Avoid toxic people, stay conscious and don’t indulge in self-pity; maintain healthy boundaries and tend to your spiritual needs. Rather than complaining or worrying about problems, take whatever action is needed to find a solution.  Instead of finding fault with another, work on yourself (as any criticisms or judgments are most likely projections of your own unresolved issues).  Listen to any advice you find yourself giving to others, as it’s likely meant for your ears, too.

Also on the 14th, Mars leaves diligent VIRGO and initiates a 6-week stay in relaxed LIBRA.  You’ll want to take some time out from all your busyness and redirect some energy into friendships, social gatherings and cultural activities.  You know what they say about “all work and no play!”  Come up for air and strive for a healthy balance in your life —a little pleasure will go a long way.  There will also be a strong emphasis on justice, fair play and peace during this upcoming cycle.

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Some excesses or major inflammation may show up as the Sun-Jupiter inconjunct builds up on September 16.  These issues can fortunately be addressed by the transformational Sun-Pluto trine, also on the 16th.  Since this high-energy planetary aspect involves the practicality of VIRGO and the discipline of CAPRICORN, this is the ideal time to face up to any unresolved work or health issues and put committed efforts into correcting them. VIRGO is specifically correlated with the small intestines, which are necessary for the assimilation of nutrients in the body.  This could also be an excellent time to undergo a therapeutic cleanse — purify body, mind & spirit!  You may feel motivated to set up a session with a doctor, healer, counselor, life coach or professional organizer for increased peace of mind.

Be prepared for some difficulties or delays in social plans, a possible disappointment in a friendship or the loss of someone you cherish as the heavy Venus-Saturn square plays out on September 16.   Keep your heart open and trust in the process.  Some confusion or deception may arise with the vague Mercury-Neptune inconjunct on September 17; stay focused on what you know to be true and wait until more information is available before taking any steps forward.

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As the Full Moon in VIRGO & PISCES culminates on September 20 (at 4:55 pm PDT), whatever needs to be healed, repaired, cleaned up or resolved will be revealed with great clarity.  Work or health issues could  interfere with the best-laid plans, so make allowances for that possibility.  Appreciate the adventurous & philosophical attitude of the Mercury-Jupiter trine, also on the 20th.  Allow yourself to see the bigger picture.  The Mars-North Node trine, on the same day, suggests that you are at the right place at the right time — and heading in the right direction. . .

Be gentle with yourself (and others) as the stressful Mercury-Pluto square comes to a head on September 22 — let this motivate you to finish what you’ve started.  As this VIRGO solar month unfolds, focus on what you want to get done and clear the decks — the Fall season is just around the corner!



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