Had enough drama for a while?  Feeling a need to simplify your life?  Have some unfinished business to resolve – or some problems to solve?  Completion is the major theme of this month, now that the Sun has entered the sign VIRGO.  Summer’s almost over, school’s starting back up again – and it’s the perfect time to tackle the clutter, streamline your life and become organized.  Clear the decks, clean out the nooks and crannies and sweep away the cobwebs & dust bunnies!  Schedule some time for self-analysis, clarification and focus; compile lists, sort, sift and systematize.  Tie up any loose ends and put things in their proper places – pay particular attention to the details.  The main message now is:  bring order out of chaos!

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A mutable earth sign, VIRGO is associated with work, craftmanship, skills & expertise.  It is an adaptable, practical and discriminating sign, whose purpose is to analyze, synthesize, correct, research, plan & purify.  VIRGO is correlated with the small intestines, which are necessary for the assimilation of nutrients in the body.  Since physical & mental health is also related to this sign, this would be an ideal time to deal with any unresolved work or health issues.  You may want to set up a session with a doctor, healer, counselor, life coach or professional organizer for increased peace of mind.

Mercury, the ruling planet of VIRGO, is retrograde (since August 12) in VIRGO as this solar month begins.  Utilize this retrograde cycle to review and re-evaluate your priorities – go back over some old territory and clear up some long-standing issues.  Reconfirm appointments & reservations, proofread & edit material, make necessary repairs, update your systems and clean off your desk.  That old adage, “a stitch in time saves nine”, is very applicable in this situation!  Image result for virgo astrology

The Mars/Saturn trine on August 22 starts this solar month off with an element of discipline and commitment, but you may find personal relationships somewhat unsettling through August 24 due to the unpredictable Venus/Uranus square.  Things begin to settle down once Saturn turns direct (August 25), after being in retrograde for the past 4 ½ months; business & financial affairs will begin to make forward progress.  Also on the 25th, Venus leaves introverted CANCER and moves on to extroverted LEO.  You can look forward to more playful and entertaining experiences with friends and social activities for the next few weeks.

The Jupiter/Saturn sextile on August 27 could help to develop, expand and solidify some significant relationships, particularly those connected through an educational environment, sports activities or travel adventures.  And there could be some added drama & enthusiasm once Mercury retrogrades back into LEO on August 31 (and joins both Venus & Mars in LEO). It would be a good time to polish up your appearance and self-image, add more color to your life and reconnect with your inner joy.

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You can expect a lively Labor Day weekend, with the Mars/Uranus trine (September 2) and the Mercury/Mars conjunction (September 3) in the last degree of LEO – it will be a very action-oriented holiday.  Avoid burn-out, escapism & confusing situations, however, with the Sun/Neptune opposition on September 4. Mercury turns direct on September 5 — now you can move ahead with signing contracts or buying a car, computer or electronic equipment!  On the same day, Mars leaves LEO and begins a new 6-week cycle in VIRGO – time to get back to work!  There will be lots of energy available for putting your personal universe in order.  Strive for efficiency and productivity in your work environment, make healthy choices and fortify your immune system.

The Full Moon in VIRGO & PISCES comes to a head on September 6 at 12:03 am PDT — whatever needs to be healed, cleaned up or resolved will be revealed with great clarity at this time.  Rather than complaining or worrying about problems, take whatever action is needed to fix things.  Instead of finding fault with another, work on yourself (any criticisms are most likely projections of your own unresolved issues).  Listen to any advice you find yourself giving to others; you wouldn’t be offering it unless you somehow needed to hear it, too.  Through helping others to help themselves, you have a wonderful opportunity to help yourself at the same time!

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Mercury returns to VIRGO on September 9, where it will stay until the end of the month.  With careful planning & preparation, you could get a new project off the ground with the Sun/Pluto trine, also on the 9th.  There could be some delays or obstacles until the Sun/Saturn square finishes up on September 14; be patient & realistic, and face the facts.

Exciting friendships and associations may be activated with the Venus/Jupiter sextile (September 15) and the Venus/Uranus trine (September 17).  Explore opportunities to take classes, join meetup groups or participate in collaborative ventures – you’ll be well-rewarded for your efforts!  The Mercury/Mars conjunction (September 16) and the Mercury/Pluto trine (September 22) could stimulate much intellectual stimulation and clarification of ideas, as well as challenge you to delve a little deeper in exploring your inner space.

The New Moon in VIRGO falls late in this solar month — on September 19 at 10:30 pm PDT. On the same day, Venus leaves LEO and joins the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Mars in VIRGO.  Wow – that’s half of the planets in VIRGO!  Utilize this energy to perfect your skills, increase productivity and be of service to others. You may want to embark on a therapeutic cleanse, analyze your motivations, or work with an efficiency expert.  Aim for accuracy, precision and cleanliness; make clear plans for what you want to accomplish in the near future.  Prepare the way for the new season ahead — Fall is just around the corner!

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