Are you getting your needs met?  Is your lifestyle sustainable?  Summer has arrived in the northern hemisphere and the focus is now on food, feelings, finances & fuel!  The Sun’s entry into CANCER on June 20 (the Solstice Point and the longest day of the year) has just launched the new season.  This is the month for collecting any scattered energies from the previous month (GEMINI), shifting gears and tacking in a different direction (just as the Sun has reached its northernmost point and now appears to be heading southward).  Image result for crabs imagesThe survival instinct is alive & well right now − put your personal finances in order, uplift your prosperity consciousness and strive for self-sufficiency.  Balance your checkbook, stock up the cupboards and accumulate the basic necessities of life.  Face your fears and insecurities, refill your cup and nurture yourself − you deserve it!  Make it a point to absorb, digest, receive, collect, stash, remember, protect, defend and cherish those people and values that you care about the most.  Pay close attention to your gut-level reactions and follow your feelings – let your instincts be your guide.

Nutrition & dietary matters take on particular significance, as CANCER is associated with the stomach, digestive system and breasts.  Re-evaluate your dietary habits and provide your body with the nourishment it requires (and drink plenty of water).  You will be in the mood to dine at your favorite restaurants or brush up on your culinary skills – picnics, barbecues & gourmet meals will be on the menu!  Considering that CANCER is a cardinal water sign, you’ll be motivated to hit the beach, river, lake, pool or hot springs, and enjoy water sports:  swimming, snorkeling, sailing, canoeing or rafting.

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Once Mercury joins the Sun and Mars in CANCER on June 21, the focus will clearly shift to personal security needs, emotional sensitivities and patriotic sentiments ‒ it’s baseball, mother and apple pie time!  You’ll want to count your blessings and develop your inner resources as the New Moon in CANCER (on June 23 at 7:31 pm PDT) activates this solar month.  It also activates a lively social weekend, with the playful Venus/Pluto trine on June 24 ‒ it’s an ideal time to get together with your favorite people, as well as to initiate some exciting new friendships.  However, it will be tempting to “party too hearty” due to the Mars/Jupiter square on the same day ‒ don’t bite off more than you can chew, engage in political arguments or drive too fast!  With the healing Mars/Neptune trine on June 25, you may want to head to the ocean, a music event or a spiritual retreat.  Do whatever it takes to elevate your attitude, lift your spirits, and get in the flow!

Be particularly conscientious in your relationship interactions and financial dealings around June 29 (with the Mercury/Pluto opposition), on July 2 (with the Mars/Pluto opposition), and on July 9 (with the Sun/Pluto opposition). These intense, turbulent aspects (between the signs CANCER & CAPRICORN) represent a time to hold your words, actions & emotions in check, avoid impulsive purchases and use restraint with your credit cards.  Don’t allow others to put pressure on you, and at the same time, avoid forcing any issues.  Know when to hold − and know when to fold!  Instead of trying to reform another, transform yourself.   As is always the case with Pluto oppositions, it would be most helpful to BE the change you want to see happen. . .

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Be prepared for some surprises and changes of plans with your Fourth of July celebration.  Not only does this holiday interrupt the work-week, but the unpredictable Mercury/Uranus square comes to a head that day.  Stay spontaneous and expect the unexpected!  Venus finishes up its transit of TAURUS on the 4th, which emphasizes home & family gatherings; however, Venus breezes into GEMINI around 5 pm PDT that day, teasing us out of the house and back into circulation.  You can look forward to a breath of fresh air in social relationships, stimulating conversations, neighborly chats, short trips and numerous phone calls, communications and visits over the upcoming month.  With the Jupiter/Neptune inconjunct, also peaking on July 4, be especially vigilant regarding what you ingest, whether it be food, alcohol or drugs.  Avoid strange individuals & unbalanced situations.  Mercury moves on to LEO on July 5 ‒ tidy up your self-image, express yourself and entertain a positive outlook.

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Emotions will tend to run high & wide as the Full Moon in CANCER & CAPRICORN builds to a peak (on July 8 at 9:07 pm PDT); issues around joint finances, business partnerships, shared possessions, parenting, co-dependencies, taxes, insurance, debts or legal matters could be stirred up.  The challenge here is to meet your own needs, and at the same time, honor your agreements and responsibilities to others. The Sun/Pluto opposition on the 9th could bring things to a full boil!  July 17th is a good day to lay low due to the Mars/Uranus square – there are explosive energies afoot, so avoid dangerous activities and be careful with electrical & mechanical objects.  The escapist tendencies of the Venus/Neptune square, also on the 17th, need to be channeled into healthy outlets.  Catch up on your sleep!

Positive personal connections will be inspired with the Venus/Jupiter trine on July 18, and the Mercury/Saturn trine on July 19 will provide a grounding energy.  With the unpredictable Sun/Uranus square on July 20, however, keep your plans loose, change a routine or two, and experiment with some alternative approaches.  Also on the 20th, Mars completes its transit of sensitive CANCER and begins its new 6-week cycle in vibrant LEO.  This planetary placement emphasizes a deep desire for self-expression, playfulness and joyful living. May your summer get off to a delightful start. . .

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©2017  Diane Elizabeth Clarke