Ready for a breath of fresh air?  Feeling a need to lighten up?  With the Sun now in GEMINI, it’s time to get out of the house and back into circulation!  Align with the restless, mercurial spirit of this mutable air sign and allow yourself to be distracted from the constant news & old routines ‒ variety is the spice of life!  School is getting out, vacation plans are being made and people are beginning to scatter for the summer. Take advantage of any opportunities to network, attend a class, workshop or lecture, or take some short trips.  Lively conversations, interesting concepts and visits with brothers & sisters, relatives and neighbors could bring you much mental stimulation and elevate your spirits.

Hummingbird medicine is especially potent this month – buzz about, gather the nectar, check out the local scene and reconnect with your grapevine.  Since GEMINI is associated with communication, transportation & distribution, this is an optimal time to catch up with email, handle correspondence and return phone calls.  Advertise your services or products, put out a newsletter or circulate a petition.  It may also be a good time to update your computer, stereo system, TV or phone so you don’t miss a thing!  You’re likely to utilize the services of the library, bookstore, post office, printer, internet, newspaper or local media more than usual.  And considering that Mars is also in GEMINI as this month begins, you might be inspired to buy or sell a vehicle, fix up your car or download a ride-sharing app.

Moon Wobble (a 2-week period of instability due to the Sun/Lunar Nodes square on May 19) is still in effect during the first week of this solar month ‒ avoid making rash or impulsive decisions.  At the same time, don’t force any issues in business, friendship or romantic matters until after the star-crossed Venus/Pluto square peaks on the morning of May 25.  The New Moon in GEMINI (on May 25 at 12:44 pm PDT) will get the ball rolling forward again ‒ there are places to go, people to see, and ideas & information to exchange.  This New Moon kicks off the Memorial Day celebrations, highlighting family, food & feelings (with the Moon in CANCER over the weekend).  However, try to relax, stay off the road and steer clear of politically-charged conversations, particularly on Sunday, May 28, due to the Mars/Saturn opposition.  Delays, obstacles, transportation problems or intellectual discord can arise with his frustrating aspect, so take it easy and avoid confrontational situations and negative individuals.

Once the holiday weekend is over, exciting new projects will move forward, particularly with the Mars/Uranus sextile (May 30), the Mercury/Pluto trine (May 31) and the Venus/Saturn trine (June 1).  Lively conversations, playful adventures, sparkling social contacts or romantic attractions could be activated with the Sun/Jupiter trine and the Venus/Uranus conjunction on Saturday, June 3; stay open to spontaneous experiences!  After traipsing through GEMINI over the past 6 weeks, Mars moves on to its new cycle in CANCER on June 4. Focus on financial & emotional security, be open to new sources of income or investment opportunities, protect your assets and stock up on necessities.  Invitations to barbeques, picnics or fine dining experiences could happily come your way; try out new recipes, read a book on nutrition or re-examine your dietary habits.  Tend to your personal needs and nurture yourself!

And yet another energy shift occurs on June 6!  Mercury (ruling planet of GEMINI) joins the Sun in GEMINI, after spending the past 3 weeks in TAURUS.  Your thoughts will turn from household matters to the world of ideas.  No way can you be bored this month, although you may find it a challenge to juggle all your interests & activities as you’re carried along with the lively currents.  Avoid running off in allf directions or passing on unsubstantiated information.  On the same day, Venus leaves ARIES and settles down in TAURUS for the next 4 weeks; you’ll find much enjoyment in fixing up your home, beautifying the landscape, hanging with family and tapping into community or environmental concerns.  Also on June 6, Jupiter turns direct – from now on, it’s onward & upward!

By the time that the Full Moon in GEMINI & SAGITTARIUS comes to a head (on June 9 at 6:10 am PDT), there will be so much activity & information swirling around that you may feel stretched out, frazzled & fragmented!  Rein in your scattered energies.  Breathe! There will be a lot of newsworthy items to discuss, so keep communication clear, speak your truth, avoid gossip and don’t promise more than you can deliver.  And don’t believe everything you hear. . .

Be prepared for transportation challenges, such as traffic jams, vehicle breakdowns or overbooked airlines, particularly with the Sun/Saturn opposition (June 15) and the Mercury/Saturn opposition (June 18).  Maintain a positive attitude, a patient approach and a sense of humor!  Neptune begins its 5-month retrograde in PISCES on June 16, things may appear somewhat nebulous, confused or chaotic for a few days, but will clear up by June 20 with the healing Mercury/Uranus sextile and the Venus/Neptune sextile.  Lighten your loadSummer is around the corner!  


©2017  Diane Elizabeth Clarke