And just when we thought things couldn’t get any crazier, the Sun enters AQUARIUS ‒ the sign associated with change, uncertainty, controversy & unpredictability. Yes, we are clearly in unprecedented times, rushing headlong into uncharted territory (particularly with Uranus, the ruling planet of AQUARIUS, in tumultuous ARIES these days).  We’re in for a wild ride this month – fasten your seat belt!

Interesting, isn’t it, that US presidential inaugurations always take place on January 20, right when the Sun changes from CAPRICORN to AQUARIUS.  And this particular inauguration is going to be one of the weirdest! One thing is for certain: the divisive, antagonistic and contentious mood of the moment will only be exacerbated during this solar month.  Since AQUARIUS is a fixed, air sign, there will be plenty of strongly-held opinions, political polarization & personal confrontations.  The challenge of this month is to take the high road!  As Mahatmas Gandhi has succinctly put it, “You must BE the change you want to see in your world.”

Following on the heels of the CAPRICORN month (the past, tradition, rules & regulations), the AQUARIUS month is always a call to the future ‒ it’s now the time to focus on freedom, activism & awakening.  Have you been frustrated with the status quo?  Ready to do some things differently?  Take advantage of this edgy, topsy-turvy energy – utilize it to liberate yourself from limiting structures, routines, habits & thinking patterns.  Stay in the present and the immediate future, instead of the past ‒ be here now!

Free up from whatever (or whomever) is holding you back, keeping you down, or restricting your options.  Instead of allowing the interruptions, disruptions and surprising twists & turns to upset you, stay spontaneous, don’t be attached to plans, and expect the unexpected.  Turn off the TV & read something unusual, metaphysical or enlightening.  Get in touch with your inner trickster ‒ explore some alternative paths in relating to others, dare to be unorthodox and deviate from the norm.  Look at the world from a different, detached, and even opposite point of view – reverse your universe!

You may have been feeling frustrations, blockages & anxiety as the challenging Mars/Saturn square built up to its peak on January 19.  The Sun’s entrance into AQUARIUS later this day, will tend to lighten up this heavy energy and bring a welcome change of perspective to the upcoming solar month.  The playful Venus/Pluto sextile on January 20 suggests a great weekend for developing interesting new friendships and participating in fun-loving social interactions.  This could be a good antidote for those of us who are suffering from political trauma – transmute your pain into pleasure!  It’s likely that some outgrown relationships may come to a close with the Venus/Saturn square on January 27; clear the decks of those who are no longer on the same track with you or your current outlook on life.  Let go and move on!

January 27 is a major turning point, representing the ending of old cycles and the beginning of significant new ones.  On this day, Mars finishes up its 6-week cycle in PISCES and begins its new transit in ARIES.  Associated with renewal & transformation, Mars in ARIES can provide the energy and inspiration to start up a new hobby, project, business venture or romantic adventure.  Have fun, take some risks and allow your enterprising spirit to come out to play!

The New Moon in AQUARIUS, also on the 27th at 4:07 pm, stirs up more energy for new beginnings ‒ it’s out with the old, in with the new!  The Chinese New Year is always ushered in with the AQUARIUS New Moon and 2017 is the Chinese Year of the Fire Rooster.   Following the shenanigans of the past Year of the Monkey, this particular year seems to call for practical solutions, well-proven paths, hard work and self-sufficiency.  Make this a year of doing something you can take pride in – and can crow about! 

Mercury, still in CAPRICORN, indicates that some rough patches in financial, legal or governmental matters lay ahead, particularly on January 29 (Mercury/Pluto conjunction), January 31 (Mercury/Uranus square), and February 2 (Mercury/Jupiter square).  Be patient and just take care of business.  Once Mercury moves on to AQUARIUS on February 7, ingenious solutions will begin to show up.  On February 3, Venus leaves PISCES and joins Mars & Uranus in ARIES over the next few weeks.  Much creative, innovative energy will be available, and dynamic social alignments can start up.

Jupiter reaches its furthest point at 23 degrees of LIBRA on February 5 and then begins its 4-month retrograde (through June 8). This symbolizes a period of review & re-evaluation of belief systems, ethics, education, religion, politics, international relations & sports. The Super Bowl game that day will provide a major distraction for the public from its daily obsession with the new administration’s activities (which will also undergo review & re-evaluation).  It’s now time to look at the big picture and be true to who you are and what you believe in.

 “Shock & awe” is the theme of the Full Moon (& Lunar Eclipse) in AQUARIUS, which comes to a peak on February 10 at 4:44 pm PST — whatever needs to be revealed and released will be brought into sharp focus!  Strive for equality, mutuality and clarity in your partnerships, and take care not to project your issues onto another.  Instead, take a close look at your reflection in the mirror that your one-on-one relationships provide you.  This feedback can set you free!

Astrology, metaphysics, science fiction, astronomy and telecommunications are associated with the sign AQUARIUS, along with electricity, technology, X-rays, computers, smart phones & autonomous vehicles. Expect some magic & miracles with the Sun/Uranus sextile (February 9), opportunities to learn, travel or expand your horizons with the Sun/Jupiter trine (February 11) and some solid manifestations with the Sun/Saturn sextile (February 13).  Wishing you an enlightening & progressive month ahead!   


©2017 Diane Elizabeth Clarke