Cheers!  The Sun is now in SAGITTARIUS and the holidays have officially begun!  A spirit of hope, optimism & adventure is in the air – it’s the month for counting your blessings, giving thanks for the good in your life and sharing your abundance.  Let the gratitude flow!  A mutable fire sign, SAGITTARIUS is associated with knowledge, faith and inspiration.  Positive thoughts and prayers for peace will encircle the earth, as this sign is aligned with global consciousness & international affairs.  It’s a time for communicating and reconnecting with loved ones, spreading good will and celebrating – ‘tis the season to be jolly.  Educational, religious, philosophical & philanthropic ideals will be illuminated during this solar month – speak your truth, practice what you preach and renew your faith.  You may be fired up to extend your horizons, explore new vistas, travel to faraway places or catch up on your reading.

Jovial SAGITTARIUS (ruled by Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system) is infamous for excess and extravagance – no wonder we tend to overindulge during this month!  With Jupiter in sociable LIBRA this year, you could derive much pleasure from connecting, cooperating or collaborating with those who share similar interests and ideals.  Accept invitations to parties, plays, concerts & cultural activities – you could make some special friendships this season.  May there be sweetness, beauty, balance and harmony in your personal universe!

Mercury is also in SAGITTARIUS as this solar month begins, and the Mercury/Jupiter sextile (November 22) and the Mercury/Saturn conjunction (November 23) will jumpstart the holiday comings & goings.  Considering the intense Jupiter/Pluto square, which peaks on Thanksgiving Day, it’d be wise to moderate political opinions for the sake of peace & harmony – instead, eat, drink and be merry!  Dynamic new social relationships can be stimulated over this weekend with the Venus/Pluto conjunction, but don’t go overboard with the Venus/Jupiter square.  Lively and spontaneous conversations can be especially enlightening with the Mercury/Uranus trine on November 26.

The New Moon in SAGITTARIUS, on November 29 at 4:18 am, gets off to a bumpy start due to the erratic Venus/Uranus square and the spacey Sun/Neptune square, and is also accompanied by the peak of MOON WOBBLE – a 2-week period of instability due to the Sun/Lunar Nodes square.  Whew!  Avoid making rash & impulsive decisions and just let things unfold organically.  Mercury moves on to CAPRICORN on December 2, and along with the Mars/Saturn sextile (December 3), will bring in a note of sobriety and frugality. Venus leaves serious CAPRICORN and enters quirky AQUARIUS on December 7 – unpredictability & unconventionality will rule in social affairs.  Save the weekend of December 9 for festive activities and get-togethers with special friends. The Sun will make a sextile to Jupiter, a conjunction to Saturn, and a trine to Uranus this particular weekend — some significant opportunities, insights or contacts could be stimulated with this solar-powered energy!

A whirlwind of activity will be whipped up with the Full Moon in SAGITTARIUS & GEMINI (which culminates on December 13 at 4:05 pm PST).  This will be an incredibly hectic period — you may feel overwhelmed, overextended & overstressed.  Transportation issues could arise – allow extra time for potential traffic snarls.  So, take a few deep breaths, don’t bite off more than you can chew, be clear in communications and stay alert & sober while driving.

Mercury turns retrograde in CAPRICORN on December 19 (until January 8) — it’s time for review, re-evaluation and retracing previous steps.  How coincidental is it that the electoral college makes its final decision on the election results that day?  More will be revealed. . . On a personal level, you may want to go revisit insurance, mortgage, tax and contractual matters.  This cycle can play havoc with anything involving communication, distribution and transportation (so hold off buying a car, computer or electronic equipment during this 3-week period).  Hold on to receipts in case you need to make returns, look for good values and recycle what you no longer need or want.  Double check travel plans, reservations, appointments and addresses to minimize the potential for confusion & misunderstanding!

Also on December 19, Mars begins a new 6-week cycle in PISCES, following its previous cycle in edgy AQUARIUS.  We’ll be more than ready for the healing energy of this compassionate sign.   Avoid the tendency towards escapism, self-deception & chaos ― find a positive way to detach yourself from the malcontented masses, as well as the from the commercialism of this season.  Focus on your personal health – get a massage, experiment with essential oils, go to the gym and have a good soak.  Since PISCES is associated with the feet, try a pedicure, a foot reflexology treatment or treat yourself to a new pair of shoes.  The lymphatic system is also associated with this sign, so stretch, drink lots of water and catch up on your sleep.  Psychic & spiritual energy is high now – elevate your spirit!  Consult your personal oracles, meditate, do yoga, play inspiring music and enhance your health with medicinal herbs & remedies.  And at the same time, welcome any opportunities to be of service to those less fortunate than yourself.

Wishing you a very happy & healthy holiday season!!  Diane


© 2016 Diane Elizabeth Clarke