Passion, power and politics rule these days!  The Sun is in SCORPIO this solar month – the sign associated with competition, control & ambition.  Now is the time to stop procrastinating and channel this potent energy into purposeful action. The force is with you to manifest your objectives and achieve your deepest desires, particularly with the Sun/Neptune trine (on November 1) and the Sun/Pluto sextile (November 7).  Penetrate beneath the surface of your life and examine what’s really important to you. Confront any submerged feelings, resentments, jealousies or judgments that may be causing stagnation and holding you back!  Crisis, conflict and control issues are also associated with SCORPIO; therefore, the responsible use of power & leadership is the ultimate goal of this month.  Regardless of what is going on in the outer world, you have the capacity to assume greater control of your inner world, transmute fear into faith and direct any anger into constructive activity. The challenge here is to actualize, rather than manipulate – so, take the high road, strive for win/win outcomes and be open to peak experiences!

Mercury leaves LIBRA and joins the Sun in SCORPIO on October 24, strengthening the mind, yet sharpening the tongue. Direct your mental energies into constructive avenues, particularly with the Sun/Mercury conjunction (October 27), the Mercury/Neptune trine (October 30) and the Mercury/Pluto sextile (November 2).  Utilize the power of the New Moon in SCORPIO (on October 30 at 10:38 am PDT) to propel you to new heights – set your intentions clearly!  The will-power, determination & courage for tackling big things are available to you now.  Stay on top of things, allow the force to move through you — and get your ego out of the way.  Social activities can be uplifting & inspiring while Venus transits SAGITTARIUS; you could make new acquaintances through school or travel experiences, or have old friends come back into your life with the Venus/Saturn conjunction on October 29.  The Venus/Uranus trine (November 4) may bring an unexpected romantic encounter or the beginning of a magical weekend – electricity is in the air!  Once Venus moves on to CAPRICORN on November 11, it’s a good time to mix business with pleasure and to join up with others in productive interactions.  Pay special attention to your elders – you can learn much from them during this particular transit.

Mars – the ruling planet of SCORPIO – is in practical CAPRICORN as this month begins.  This signifies a time for taking care of business & joint finances, and dealing with tax, insurance, bureaucratic or legal matters. Long-lasting results can be accomplished with patience and conscientious effort during this cycle.  Use much caution with electricity, cars & computers as the edgy Mars/Uranus square comes to a head on October 28; stay out of harm’s way! On Election Day, with Mars in the final degree of CAPRICORN, it’s quite likely that voters will reluctantly support the status quo.  However, in a weird quirk of fate, Mars moves on to unpredictable AQUARIUS later on that evening (November 8). This brings up a strong possibility of opposition, confrontation and challenge to the election results; divisiveness and agitation for reform could carry on for the next six weeks.  Personally, you can work with this Mars cycle to release old habits & attitudes, detach from limiting relationships and free up your original, inventive self.

Mercury moves on to adventurous SAGITTARIUS on November 12, stimulating a more positive, philosophical mind-set.  The focus will be on long-distance travel, educational opportunities and international affairs, particularly with the Mercury/Mars sextile on November 15.   Watch a tendency to go overboard or put your foot in your mouth, particularly with its square to both the Lunar Nodes and Neptune on November 18. The challenging Full Moon in SCORPIO & TAURUS culminates on November 14 at 5:52 am PST – whatever has been brewing will come to a full boil!  It’s a time when personal crises, power struggles, vindictiveness & jealousy can erupt; issues involving territorial boundaries, competition & sexuality could surface. Be vigilant and stay away from potentially eruptive situations, people & places – like an eagle, rise above it all!

The Neptune/South Node conjunction peaks on November 17, dredging up fear-based thinking, scandals, lies and treacherous undercurrents.  Don’t believe everything you hear – instead, turn off the TV, take some meditative time-out and tune into your inner voice.  Explore healthy escapism!  Issues involving animal rights, legal & illegal drugs, health care, racial, gender & economic inequality will be swirling around in the mix.  Along with the healing Venus/Neptune sextile on November 19, Neptune itself will turn direct (after a 5-month retrograde) on that day.  The chaos, confusion & illusions of the past few weeks will finally begin to diffuse & clear up.  Trust in the universe!

©2016  Diane Elizabeth Clarke