COSMIC WEATHER REPORT (Libra: 9/22 -10/22/16)

Do you feel fall in the air?  The arrival of the AUTUMNAL EQUINOX on September 22 signals the Sun’s entry into LIBRA ―the sign associated with peace, friendship, beauty & balance.  We can certainly use some of that energy now!  It’s the time of year when the air feels crisper and people draw closer together ― the ideal climate for cooperation & collaboration.  With the emphasis on small group interactions and joint creative projects, it’s to your benefit to align with those who share similar interests & ideals!

A cardinal air sign, LIBRA is symbolized by “the high winds of early fall, followed by a calm.”  Inspirational ideas are blowing about, due to the renewed social, cultural and educational activities that are stimulated each year at this time.  Turn over a new leaf, take a more mellow approach to things and appreciate the sweetness that life has to offer ― good friends, stimulating conversations and aesthetic pleasures.  Surround yourself with beauty and indulge yourself with fragrant flowers, candlelight dinners, fine wines & decadent desserts.  Take in a concert, play or art exhibit ― throw an intimate party!

VenusLIBRA’s ruling planet ― is in LIBRA as this solar month begins, but on September 23, it moves on to sensual SCORPI0 (the sign associated with power, control & competition).  Tact & diplomacy will be helpful in diffusing any conflicts or crises – make an effort to be a peaceful warrior.  Hopefully, a spirit of fair play, justice & compromise will find its way into the hearts of those in charge!  The Mercury/Pluto trine, also on the 23rd, will inspire you to put some plans into action, and the Sun/Jupiter conjunction on September 25 can open up opportunities for pleasurable social activity.

Pluto finally turns direct on September 26, after being retrograde since mid-April ― it’s now onward & upward with new projects & ventures!  Mars completes its transit of SAGITTARIUS and begins a new 6-week cycle in CAPRICORN on September 27 (through Election Day).  Direct your energies into taking care of business and committing to long-term results; be practical, realistic & conscientious.

“Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me” is the theme of the New Moon in LIBRA (on September 30 at 5:11 pm PDT).  Design & implement a more harmonious lifestyle for yourself.  However, rein in your expenditures, appetites & activities as the Mars/Jupiter square approaches on October 5 – don’t burn the candle at both ends!  Patience and good judgment will be needed as the frustrating Saturn/Lunar Node square comes to a head on the 7th.  Fortunately, on the same day, Mercury ties up its loose ends in VIRGO and joins the party in LIBRA; the focus will be on bringing people together.

The Full Moon in LIBRA/ARIES peaks on October 15 at 9:23 pm, joined by the unpredictable & divisive Sun/Uranus opposition.  Maintain your equilibrium while juggling social obligations with personal projects, lovers or children.  Venus moves on to adventurous SAGITTARIUS on the 18th, followed by the intense Mars/Pluto conjunction on the 19th.  Take some risks and fearlessly move forward!  This solar month ends with the edgy Mercury/Uranus opposition on the 20th – strive for balance & detachment.

©2016  Diane Elizabeth Clarke

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