The Moon planetmoon — the feminine principle — symbolizes the emotions, instincts, values, resources, survival/security needs, personal finances, food and nutrition.  It is associated with motherhood, nurturing, the ocean’s tides and the rhythms of the body.  The mood (public & personal) shifts as the Moon changes from one lunar position to another, taking on the coloration of whatever sign it is in.  It transits through all 12 zodiacal signs every month, staying for 2 to 2½ days in each sign.  Below are the current moon transits, as well as descriptions of the Moon‘s expression in each of the 12 signs.


05/31           08:28 pm PDT        →      ARIES

06/02          10:55 pm PDT       →      TAURUS

06/05           01:36 am PDT       →      GEMINI

06/06          05:38 am PDT (NEW MOON in GEMINI)

06/07           05:41 am PDT        →     CANCER

06/09           12:29 pm PDT        →      LEO

06/11           10:39 pm PDT        →     VIRGO

06/14           11:12 am PDT        →     LIBRA

06/16           11:38 pm PDT        →      SCORPIO

06/19           06:37 pm PDT        →      SAGITTARIUS

06/21           04:08 pm PDT        →     CAPRICORN

06/21           06:08 pm PDT (FULL MOON in CANCER-CAPRICORN)

06/23           08:14 pm PDT        →      AQUARIUS

06/25            11:08 pm PDT        →     PISCES

06/28            01:52 am PDT        →      ARIES

06/30            05:00 am PDT       →      TAURUS


The New Moon (planetmoonaspectconjunctionplanetsun) occurs each month when the Moon joins (conjuncts) the Sun  in the same sign and degree.  This conjunction of the Moon and the Sun initiates a new 29-1/2 day cycle, and represents a time for planting new ideas, setting intentions and starting up projects.  The waxing cycle of the Moon begins at this time.

Two weeks later, the Full Moon (planetmoonaspectoppositionplanetsun) occurs when the Moon is in the opposite sign and exactly 180 degrees away from the SunThis represents a culmination of activity which was initiated at the New Moon — a potential crisis in consciousness where things come to light—and often to a head.  It can lead to confrontation, conflict & emotional tension due to the projection of self (the shadow) onto another.  Or, it can symbolize the attraction of opposites with a possibility of a complimentary link-up of opposite forces, ie. partnership & teamwork interaction.  The waning cycle of the Moon begins once the Full Moon has peaked.


signaries ARIES:  When the Moon rushes through Aries (a cardinal fire sign), the mood tends to be enthusiastic, assertive and action-oriented.  A creative, enterprising, playful & risk-taking spirit can fuel new hobbies, projects, business ventures or  romance.  Emotions are easily-aroused and can run hot, lusty & amorous.  At the same time, it can also be a volatile, turbulent & combustible period; a sense of urgency and explosiveness can arise.  People can be demanding, stressed-out, impatient & pushy, particularly on the road (watch out for the red cars!).  Impulsive & headstrong actions may cause you to “rush in where angels fear to tread”; look before you leap.  Keywords: initiation, speculation, children, fun & games.

signtaurus TAURUS:  The need for comfort, support & security predominates when the Moon settles down in Taurus (fixed earth).  The mood is hospitable, gentle, relaxed & sensual — the time to mellow out and smell the flowers.  The outdoors & natural environments can be particularly nurturing.  Activities will tend to revolve around the domestic scene, stimulating building projects, house repairs, redecorating, gardening or family gatherings.  Real estate & property matters may require attention.  People can be bull-headed & resistant to change, even exhibiting jealousy, possessiveness & sluggishness.  Focus on solidifying your base of operations & getting grounded (try a massage?).  Keywords: home, family & creature comforts.

signgemini GEMINI:   A restless, inquisitive & observant mood is indicated when the Moon breezes through Gemini (mutable air).  Making new contacts, catching up on correspondence & your grapevine, and getting back into circulation can satisfy the need to feel connected with others.  Make sure your phone & vehicle are in good working condition.  Classes, lectures, magazine articles, local media, short trips and visits with neighbors & relatives can bring a breath of fresh air – it’s a time for exchanging ideas & information.  Follow your curiosities!  Emotions can be intellectualized, trivialized or superficial, and people could feel scattered, easily-diverted, fidgety or gossipy.  Keywords: communication, transportation & distribution.

signcancer CANCER:  When the Moon flows through its own sign, Cancer (cardinal water), the need for emotional & financial security takes precedence.  Emotions are sensitive, sentimental, moody & self-protective; fears of rejection, abandonment or starvation can surface.  Food takes on special significance now — it’s a time for dining out, cooking, baking or learning new culinary skills.  Dietary & nutritional concerns also rise to the forefront.  Nurture yourself (& others) on all levels!  Look for new sources of income or investment opportunities, balance your checkbook and stock up on the necessities of life.  People can feel especially vulnerable, touchy, crabby & defensive during this cycle.  Keywords: food, fuel, finances & feelings.

signleo LEO:   A confident, joyful spirit tends to reign when the Moon expresses itself in Leo (fixed fire).  The mood is warm, sunny & cheerful, accompanied by a generous & affectionate attitude toward others.  Expect some high drama!  It’s a time to get centered & organized, as well as to focus on personal identity, self-image, appearance & lifestyle.  Emotionally, there’s a need for personal acknowledgement & attention – express yourself wholeheartedly & let your light shine!  A desire to be entertained & amused, as well as to perform and show-off, can arise.  People can be arrogant & self-centered; celebrities, as well as charismatic personalities, tend to take center stage.  Keywords: vitality, visibility & self-realization.

signvirgo VIRGO:  Cleanliness, clarity & competence head the list when the Moon works its way through Virgo (mutable earth). The focus is on employment, health, problem-solving & completion; the mood is analytical, discriminating, industrious, efficient & helpful.  Follow any impulse to clear out closets & drawers, set up systems, sort, file and put things in the right places.  A methodical approach, with special attention to detail, is most effective.  It’s an ideal time to research, edit, review, fix things, make plans and finish up old projects.  People can be overly critical, picky & petty, with a tendency to worry & complain.  Help others to help themselves, through constructive advice, tools or personal example.   Keywords: service, perfection & order.

signlibra LIBRA: When the Moon gently blows through Libra (cardinal air), the mood tends is calm, sweet & harmonious – with a desire to please, as well as to be appreciated.  Friendships, social alliances & intimate gatherings can satisfy the need for companions who share compatible viewpoints & visions.  It is time to socialize, collaborate & cooperate, particularly in small group settings.  Strive for justice, fair play, diplomacy & compromise.  Beauty & elegance in all forms is emotionally-nurturing – design. decorate, blend, balance, polish & refine.  Enjoy cultural activities, objects d’art, fine wines & decadent desserts.  People can be indecisive, procrastinating or passive-aggressive.  Keywords: peace, love & self-improvement.

signscorpio SCORPIO: The desire for power & peak experience is intensified when the Moon cruises through Scorpio (fixed water. The competitive spirit is alive & well; strive for win/win instead of win/lose solutions.  Emergencies and crisis situations can arise — take charge and get things under control! Set personal & professional goals, seek out constructive challenges and penetrate the mysteries of life.  The mood can be secretive, sensuous & sexually-charged; feelings are often hidden or repressed.  Passions can run high; jealousies, conflicts & power struggles can surface from the depths (still waters run deep).  People can be vindictive, violent, controlling, caustic or sarcastic.  The challenge here is to take the high road!  Keywords: actualization, achievement & empowerment.

signsagittarius SAGITTARIUS:  A spirit of adventure & exploration arises when the Moon journeys through Sagittarius (mutable fire); the mood is optimistic & exuberant.  A quest for understanding and a thirst for knowledge can inspire you to read, learn, communicate & travel to far-away places; or take an interest in international, educational, religious, philosophical & political affairs.  Sports, exercise & outdoor activities can satisfy the urge to stretch your legs & extend the horizons.  A positive attitude, humor, honesty & directness goes a long way!  People can be reckless, extravagant, boastful or fanatical.  Avoid overextending yourself or promising more than you can deliver – practice what you preach!  Keywords: truth, abundance & expansion.

signcapricorn CAPRICORN:  A serious, sensible & sober perspective prevails when the Moon recycles in Capricorn (cardinal earth) – it’s a reality check!  Feelings can be cautious & restrained; the mood is conservative, frugal & practical.  Structure & safety are priorities; routines, habits, duties & commitments can come up for review & re-evaluation.  People can feel depressed, pessimistic, guilt-ridden, judgmental, stingy, fearful or inhibited.  The focus is on taking care of business (joint finances, legal partnerships, insurance, taxes & contractual matters); financial alignments need to be based on trust, integrity & accountability.  Patience, discipline & conscientious attention brings long-term, concrete results.  Keywords: maturity, responsibility & respect.

signaquarius AQUARIUS: The energy field is charged with electricity when the Moon evolves through Aquarius (fixed air).  Expect the unexpected – interruptions, changes of plans, unusual encounters or sudden separations can occur, along with surprises, miracles & flashes of insight. The mood is unpredictable, unconventional, progressive & sometimes shocking.  Rebel from the status quo, deviate from the norm, declare your independence and free up from limiting structures, attitudes or relationships.  People can be antagonistic, abrupt, confrontational or contrary now.  Open your mind to alternative, inventive approaches and pay attention to any feedback you get from others (the mirror!).  Keywords: equality, enlightenment & innovation.

signpisces PISCES:  A dreamy, mystical state of being emerges when the Moon drifts through Pisces (mutable water); this is a time for retreat, introspection & meditation.  The mood is sensitive, compassionate, helpful & empathetic, and the escape urge is strong – channel it constructively!  Allow your imagination to soar – sing, dance, listen to music, paint or write poetry.  Consult your favorite oracles, hug your pet, soak in the tub or have a good cry; catch up on your sleep or any health concerns.  Work (and immersion into others’ problems) could be draining.  People can be deceitful, impressionable, self-pitying, chaotic or confused.  Stay conscious and surrender to your inner guidance!  Keywords: spirituality, healing & forgiveness.

©2021  Diane Elizabeth Clarke

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