“What’s the best sign for me?” has to be one of the most common questions asked of astrologers!  Along with health and finances, personal relationships are at the top of the list of major concerns for most individuals.  To begin with, it’s important to understand that it’s a person with whom you want to relate, not a sign!  This can be a very limiting way to view relationships if you base your choices simply on Sun Sign astrology.

However, if you view the signs as indicative of the qualities in another individual that would be harmonious for you, then much more can be revealed.  There are some basic rules of thumb in assisting you to make wise relationship choices.  To begin with, we are usually attracted to those who have similar or complimentary elements in our horoscopes, whether it’s a partnership or a friendship.  This can be related to not just the Sun Sign, but to the Moon Sign, Rising Sign and the overall distribution of elements in the horoscope.  See the Astrology Keywords for more in-depth descriptions of the signs, elements and qualities.

For example, an individual with a predominance of planets in fire signs can be very harmonious with other fire signs — or air signs, which can provide balance & intellectual stimulation and fan their flames!  But heavy earth signs may be too pragmatic and security-oriented in response to the enthusiastic & forward-moving fire energy.  And when it comes to the sensitive water signs, their emotional expression could dampen their energy or put out their fire.  Many adjustments can be required to work out relationships where the elements are inharmonious, although love, determination and honest communication can usually transform these obstacles!


Synastry is the technique in which two charts are put together to see how they interact with each other.  Each individual’s chart is placed around the outside of the other’s horoscope to see what connections (aspects) are made between the signs, planets, houses, elements and qualities.

Signs that are opposite each other tend to create the strongest, even karmic, attractions.  As the old adage goes, “opposites attract”.  The sign that is opposite your sun sign and/or your rising sign describes those qualities which are naturally the most compatible and complimentary for you.   This does not suggest that you sort for someone of that particular sign — just someone who carries the qualities of that sign.

ARIES (fire):  Your opposite sign is LIBRA (air).  A person who is willing to go along with your rapidly-changing interests and pet projects can be a true balance for you.   Be open to an attractive, affectionate and easy-going individual who appreciates who you are.  Compatible signs:  AQUARIUS, GEMINI, LEO & SAGITTARIUS

TAURUS (earth):  Your opposite sign is SCORPIO (water)A person who is ambitious, energetic & sexy tends to ring your chimes.   You are most turned on by someone who can challenge you to get out of your comfort zone and inspire you to accomplish your goals.  Compatible signs:  CANCER, PISCES, VIRGO & CAPRICORN

GEMINI (air):  Your opposite sign is SAGITTARIUS (fire).  A person who is positive, knowledgeable and well-traveled can pique your interest and keep your attention.  Humor, honesty and lively communications are necessary for any long-term relationship.  Compatible signs:  ARIES, LEO, LIBRA & AQUARIUS

CANCER (water):  Your opposite sign is CAPRICORN (earth).  A person who is solid. grounded and mature can provide the emotional security you need.  You are drawn to someone who is ambitious, accountable — and is capable of keeping their agreements with you.  Compatible signs: TAURUS, VIRGO, SCORPIO & PISCES

LEO (fire):  Your opposite sign is AQUARIUS (air).  A person who is ingenious, unique and enlightened can easily find their way into your heart, especially if they treat you royally.  You enjoy spontaneous encounters, surprises and non-conformity in your partnerships.  Compatible signs: GEMINI, LIBRA, ARIES & SAGITTARIUS

VIRGO (earth):  Your opposite sign is PISCES (water).  A person who is caring, compassionate and sensitive to your needs can be a nurturing partner.  One who is imaginative, interested in your work and gives good foot rubs can be a healthy presence in your life.  Compatible signs: CANCER, SCORPIO, TAURUS & CAPRICORN

LIBRA (air): Your opposite sign is ARIES (fire).  A person who is dynamic and creative,  who can fire you up and give you a push when you need it, is a natural balance for you.  Keep an eye out for a fun-loving, action-oriented individual who is also a good playmate.  Compatible signs:  LEO, SAGITTARIUS, AQUARIUS & GEMINI

SCORPIO  (water):  Your opposite sign is TAURUS (earth).  A person who can offer  you  comfort, support and  security could inspire your loyalty.  You appreciate having a loving physical relationship with someone you find to be earthy, grounded & sexually-attractive.   Compatible signs: VIRGO, CAPRICORN, CANCER & PISCES

SAGITTARIUS (fire):  Your opposite sign is GEMINI (air).  A person who is bright, communicative and inquisitive will attract your attention.  One who shares common interests, enjoys traveling and provides variety & intellectual stimulation could be an ideal partner. Compatible signs: LIBRA, AQUARIUS, ARIES & LEO

CAPRICORN (earth):  Your opposite sign is CANCER (water).  A person who is nurturing, sensuous & sensitive to your needs can be worthy of your commitment.  You want to feel cherished, valued and needed; sharing meals with a loved one is a top priority for you.  Compatible signs:  SCORPIO, PISCES, TAURUS & VIRGO

AQUARIUS (air):  Your opposite sign is LEO (fire).  A person who is magnetic, vibrant & cheerful could be highly attractive to you.  It is important that you admire & feel proud of your partner.  You’d be a wonderful team player with an individual who lights up your life!     Compatible signs: ARIES, SAGITTARIUS, GEMINI & LIBRA

PISCES  (water):  Your opposite sign is VIRGO (earth).  A person who is practical & analytical can provide the grounding you require.  The sky’s the limit with someone who can provide clarity and common sense, and help you transform your dreams & fantasies into realities. Compatible signs: TAURUS, CAPRICORN, CANCER & SCORPIO

©2016  Diane Elizabeth Clarke